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A microbial universe in soil and a beetle’s gut – Northern Arizona University

Researcher Javier Ceja-Navarro has been a science communicator since he was a child.  “I have one younger brother, and to him, I was the encyclopedia,” said Ceja-Navarro, a professor of microbiology in the Department of Biological Sciences and the Center for Ecosystem Science and Society at Northern Arizona University. “He would ask me how things work. How everything worked,”

Northern Arizona University

Soil microbes use different pathways to metabolize carbon – NAU

Much of what scientists think about soil metabolism may be wrong. New evidence from Northern Arizona University suggests that microbes in different soils use different biochemical pathways to process nutrients, respire and grow. The study, published in Plant and Soil, upends long-held assumptions in the field of soil ecology and calls for more investigation and higher-resolution methods


New study shows a few common bacteria account for majority of carbon use in soil

Image by Victor O. Leshyk, Ecoss Just a few bacterial taxa found in ecosystems across the planet are responsible for more than half of carbon cycling in soils. These new findings, made by researchers at Northern Arizona University and published in Nature Communications this week, suggest that despite the diversity of microbial taxa found in wild soils

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