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HOLY COW! HISTORY: A Civil War Doctor and a TV Dinner Favorite – Inside Sources

The doctor had a serious problem. And he had a pretty good idea why it was happening. Diarrhea was running rampant among Union Civil War soldiers. It was more than the temporary discomfort we know today. Treating it was a major challenge. Pepto-Bismol and similar drugs wouldn’t hit the market for decades. But the disease

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What to expect in closings for ex-cop’s trial in Floyd death

For three weeks, prosecutors at the trial of a former Minneapolis police officer charged with killing George Floyd played and replayed video, supplementing the bystander video that shocked the world with multiple other angles of Floyd’s arrest. And over and over, Derek Chauvin’s attorney argued that the visual evidence is deceptive, and that Floyd was

Legal Beat

The Derek Chauvin Trial — Day Ten

Editor’s Note: See our coverage of the first day of the trial here, the second day here, and the third day here, the fourth day here, the fifth day here, the sixth day here, the seventh day here, the eighth day here, and the ninth day here. The first witness called was Lindsey Thomas, a forensic pathologist. She described forensic pathology as “where medicine


COVID-19 on pace to become third-leading cause of death in state

Six months after the first case of COVID-19 was confirmed in Arizona, the disease is well on its way to becoming the third-leading cause of death in the state this year, following cancer and heart disease, according to state data. As of Sunday, July 26, the Arizona Department of Health Services reported 3,305 deaths from

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