City Council Candidates

Lois Fruhwirth Files for Prescott City Council

Community leader and one of Prescott’s most vocal cheerleaders, Lois Fruhwirth, filed more than 1,500 signatures to run for City Council today, qualifying her for a spot on the upcoming August ballot. Lois is running for one of the three 4-year seats that are up for election. “When we started, we wanted to collect 1,200

Prescott Talks

Prescott Talks: Interview with Jana Kading, Candidate for YavGOP Chair

Dwight Kadar, guest host of Prescott Talks, interviews Jana Kading, who is running for the Yavapai County GOP Chair. Jana discusses her vision for the Republican party, that she wants to mobilize PCs, and get them to form action committees. These committees will watch the local county boards (fire boards, etc,) and report back. She

Prescott Talks

Prescott Talks: Interview with Carie Hughes, Candidate for YavGOP Chair

Brooks Compton, guest host of Prescott Talks, interviews Carie Hughes, who is running for the Yavapai County GOP Chair. Carie discusses her background in various Republican clubs, including the Republican Women of Prescott (RWOP), and the local coordinator of 3 President Trump rallies. She has had extensive experience in YavGOP, as acting Chair, Area 2

David Harsanyi

Opinion: It’s Not ‘Ableist’ to Wonder if Fetterman Can Do His Job – David Harsanyi

NBC News’ Dasha Burns recently aired the first in-person interview with Pennsylvania senatorial candidate John Fetterman since his stroke. The candidate needed a closed-captioned monitor to answer questions because of “auditory processing” struggles caused by his recent stroke. “In small talk before my interview,” Burns added, “it wasn’t clear he understood what I was saying.”


Brooks Compton, Candidate for PUSD : VOTE FOR CHANGE!

Parents all over the country are waking up to the reality that our children’s schools are not the safe place we thought they were, or wanted them to be. Many of them are physically unsafe places to be, particularly in major cities where liberal policies have destroyed the traditional family unit, and a variety of

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