Omicron variant

US shoppers find some groceries scarce due to virus, weather

Benjamin Whitely headed to a Safeway supermarket in Washington D.C. on Tuesday to grab some items for dinner. But he was disappointed to find the vegetable bins barren and a sparse selection of turkey, chicken and milk. “Seems like I missed out on everything,” Whitely, 67, said. “I’m going to have to hunt around for


Fed’s Powell: High inflation poses a threat to job market

Warning that high inflation could make it harder to restore the job market to full health, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said Tuesday that the Fed will raise interest rates faster than it now plans if needed to stem surging prices. With America’s households squeezed by higher costs for food, gas, rent, autos and many


Opinion: A “Made in America” Fix for U.S. Supply Chain Woes

Much has been made in the news lately regarding America’s shortage of consumer goods. Increased consumer demand in the wake of the COVID pandemic has led to global shortages of many industrial products. And with cargo ships backed up and waiting to enter America’s congested west coast ports, there’s now a bottleneck. Not only are consumers waiting for imported


Fewer Christmas trees in Oregon means fewer trees in metro Phoenix

Extreme weather in the Pacific Northwest and supply chain bottlenecks everywhere have left Christmas tree lots across the country scrambling this holiday season. Most U.S. lots get their Douglas and Noble firs – among the most popular trees used at Christmas – from the Northwest, and many Arizona lots get theirs specifically from Oregon. Persistent

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