Arizona Today with Lyle Rapacki

Arizona Today: Interview with Constitutional Attorney, David Shestokas

Constitutional Attorney David Shestokas discusses with Dr. Lyle information regarding the evidence presented to legislative leaders in Michigan and Georgia on the fraud associated with the 2020 National Election. A member of the President Trump’s Legal Team, Attorney Shestokas brings real insight to what occurred in the early days and weeks of the call for


Local Author Linda Thompson’s WWII Novel Wins Multiple Awards

Shortly after moving to Prescott, author Linda Thompson received multiple awards for her newest historical fiction novel, The Mulberry Leaf Whispers. This book is the sequel to Linda Thompson’s Genesis Award-winning and ECPA Christy Award Finalist The Plum Blooms in Winter, book one in the BRANDS FROM THE BURNING series. The Plum Blooms in Winter

The Zany Sage

Meet Your Fantasy Self

We’ve all got ‘em! And they love to collect stuff. They are great at vision casting and can be very creative. But they can also be negative and critical, even accusatory. I’m talking about your fantasy self. And they may play a significant role in your struggle with clutter and disorganization. This is the part

The Zany Sage

Clutterfree Gift Ideas

Stop! Set down that toilet paper holder that also has a mount for your iPad, The amusing beer holster will be good for a laugh or two until it ends up in your garage sale. (Or buried under the pile in your garage.)  And yes, I know that single item kitchen appliance is only $5

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