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Stephen Moore

Opinion: Biden’s Killing the American Dream of Homeownership – Stephen Moore

In boasting about Bidenomics two weeks ago in Milwaukee, President Joe Biden declared that his policies are “restoring the American dream.” Then he went into his creepy whispering mode and assured us “it’s working.” Huh? Isn’t a big aspiration of the American dream owning a home? Biden keeps making first-time homeownership harder for young families


Opinion: The Economic Consequences of President Biden – Inside Sources

(CREDIT: Jay Godwin, GoodFreePhotos) There is an old Wall Street joke about a man who jumped off the Empire State Building. When asked at the 40th floor how things were going, he replied, “So far, so good.” We have to wonder whether something similar might be said of President Biden. At the start of his


Architect Of Reagan Revolution Blasts “Bidenomics”

As the Biden administration prepares the largest tax hike since World War II, a longtime Republican economic advisor is sounding the alarm on “Bidenomics.” In an exclusive interview with Inside Sources, Arthur Laffer, who as a member of President Ronald Reagan’s Economic Policy Advisory Board is credited with America’s economic boom in the 1980s, warned of the


Opinion: Bidenomics Threatens Small Business

Like many Democrats, Joe Biden is full of promises. The Democratic presidential candidate recently vowed to create 3 million jobs in caregiving and early education as part of his “Build Back Better” economic agenda. Investing $1.3 trillion into American infrastructure. Moving the U.S. economy to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. Rebuilding the middle class. These are all Biden promises, yet his

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