Biden Budget

U.S. Domestic spending plan

Biden urges bill over ‘finish line’ as Dems eye new surtax

With his signature domestic initiative at stake, President Joe Biden is urging Democrats to wrap up talks and bring the social services and climate change bill “over the finish line” before he departs Thursday for global summits overseas. Top Democratic leaders are signaling a deal is within reach even though momentum fizzled and tempers flared

U.S. Domestic spending plan

White House, Dems hurriedly reworking $2 trillion Biden plan

The White House and Democrats are hurriedly reworking key aspects of President Joe Biden’s $2 trillion domestic policy plan, trimming the social services and climate change programs and rethinking new taxes on corporations and the wealthy to pay for a scaled-back package. The changes come as Biden more forcefully appeals to the American public, including


Dems edge toward pared-down spending plan to boost support

President Joe Biden and congressional Democrats edged closer to agreement Tuesday on how sharply to cut back his ambitious social spending plan, even as the president made a public case that the package will help keep the nation from losing its “edge” in global competitiveness. Biden went to Michigan to promote the proposal for expanded

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