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The Most Important Garden Tasks of February – Ken Lain

February gardens yearn for Spring. The short days of January get brighter every day until springs break. It is also our best month for snow, yet flowers bloom even in snow. You can feel it: plants’ slow, sweet shift toward Spring. February is ideal for the soil preparation of new flower beds and the vegetable


Summer 2021: Free Garden Classes taught at Watters Garden Center

      June 12 @ 9:30 am – The Doctor is in the House – How to Heal Sick Plants -As we enter summer the heat, bugs and disease take its toll in the garden.  You can have a nice yard with these easy-to-use summer tips and a few key plant choices. June 19


Brain Gains: 7 Foods to Boost Kids’ Academic Performance

Fact is, all the books, tablets, and notepads kids use for studying are useless if their brains are not in top functioning form. There are certain nutrients that are crucial for their brain development, and better brain development means better brain function, memory, and concentration—all of which contribute to better academic performance. To keep your