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Opinion: Reimagining Vocabulary – Buz Williams

He who controls the language controls the masses”. –Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals One can’t help noticing the vocabulary on the left. In the above quote, Constitutionalists will note that, like all communists/socialists, Alinsky refers to “the masses” rather than individuals. It is a whole lot easier to steal freedom from the masses when you


Opinion: Bail Reform Is Good for Law and Order – Inside Sources

Fearing for their political lives, many elected officials in New York are hurriedly backing down from previous commitments on bail reform. The measures had rolled back the use of cash bail, except for some violent crimes and other exceptional circumstances. That meant an end to jailing people before their trial for months or years, for the crime

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Opinion: Stopping Crime – Buz Williams

Crime is running rampant in our city streets. Murder, carjacking, robbery, gang smash and grabs, rapes, and random acts of violence are at the highest levels in decades. Even before the leftists allowed the Antifa/BLM riots in Democrat run cities in 2020, crime was on the rise. No bail required bail reform and non-prosecuting prosecutors


Opinion: Fear and Prejudice Drive Our Bail System – Inside Sources

Most of us don’t think about bail. It only comes to mind when we hear of an egregious crime or a celebrity in court. What happens if you’re the one arrested and must go before a judge? The judge hears the evidence and, if there is some probability of guilt, may decide to set bail,


Albuquerque mayor pleads with lawmakers to help with crime

Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller told a panel of state lawmakers Friday that they need to help New Mexico’s largest city deal with its persistent crime problems by clearing the way for the most violent defendants to be kept behind bars pending trial. While making his latest plea, the Democratic mayor said residents are “screaming for


Opinion: States Crack Down on Radical Bail Group Helping Free Violent Criminals

The state legislature in Indiana is looking to stop judges from reducing bail for violent criminals to next to nothing. It’s also looking to stop a charitable bail organization from stepping in to pay for the release of criminals back onto Indianapolis’ streets. It’s part of a national pushback against bail reforms sparked by high-profile

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