Arizonans for Health and Public Safety


Deceit Propelled Marijuana Measure – A statement from AZHPS Chair, Lisa James

[File this under sore losers – Editor] “It is a sad day, not just because Arizona, especially Arizona’s children, will suffer the consequences of legalizing recreational marijuana – but also because Prop 207 was borne out of deceit and self-interest. The marijuana industry misled voters in order to pass this self-serving measure. This un-elected group


Arizonans for Health and Public Safety Prepares to Oppose Prop 207 in November

Thursday, the Arizona Supreme Court issued its ruling allowing the “Smart and Safe Arizona” initiative (Proposition 207) to remain on the ballot despite concerns over deficiencies in its 100-word statement. Lisa James, Chairwoman for Arizonans for Health and Public Safety issued the following statement. “We are disappointed in the decision, which sets a concerning precedent

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