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Attorney General Mayes Condemns Rise in Hate-Based and Antisemitic Incidents

Attorney General Kris Mayes on Tuesday vehemently condemned the recent and alarming rise in hate-based and antisemitic incidents in Arizona communities, including a deeply troubling episode at Arizona State University targeting Jewish students last week. The Chair of the Arizona Civil Rights Advisory Board has also called a special meeting to explore potential actions and

Israel - Hamas War

Michigan congresswoman’s planned speech at ASU canceled – The Center Square

A planned speech from recently-censured U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., on Arizona State University’s Tempe campus has been canceled by the school. An ASU spokesperson told The Center Square Friday morning that Tlaib’s speech would not happen on school grounds, saying the groups organizing the event didn’t follow proper channels. “Organizers of events using ASU facilities


ASU researchers discover Earth’s blobs are remnants of an ancient planetary collision

An artistic illustration shows Theia impacting the proto-Earth. (Artwork by Hernan Canellas/image courtesy of ASU) In the 1980s, geophysicists made a startling discovery: Two continent-sized blobs of unusual material were found deep near the center of the Earth, one beneath the African continent and one beneath the Pacific Ocean. Each blob is twice the size

Arizona State University

ASU’s DEI Regime Is Even Worse Than You Think—So We’re Dismantling It – Goldwater Institute

Should government-run colleges illegally train professors on how white supremacy was “written into the foundational documents of our nation” and is “normalized in society” today? Are leftists turning one of the nation’s top journalism schools into a breeding ground for progressive activists? That’s just the tip of the iceberg at Arizona State University (ASU). But


Sun Devils Make USC Work

Photo: 4 Cam Skattabo played a big part in the Sun Devils game versus USC The Arizona State Sun Devils left it all on the field, and despite the 42-28 loss, gave the USC Trojans something to think about in their final PAC 12 matchup in Tempe. It was the first road game of the

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