Arizona PIRG Education Fund


Tips for Consumers to Find Out About Food Recalls

Chances are high that you or someone in your family has gotten sick from something you ate in the last year. The ​​Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that one in six Americans get sick each year from foodborne diseases. Of those,128,000 wind up in the hospital and 3,000 die. While many stores quickly


New Reports and Tips for Consumers

The threats facing consumers seem to be increasing every year. Consumers are burdened by identity theft risks, robocall scams, and the difficulty of navigating our credit reports. Arizonans are facing surges in counterfeit products, dark apps that compromise our privacy, erroneous medical bills, and financing traps with “gotcha” clauses. And then there are products we


New Report: Airlines’ Refund Policies & Scheduling Problems Irk Consumers

Arizona PIRG Education Fund finds flyers’ complaints increased by 460 percent from February 2020 to August 2021 When the COVID-19 pandemic turned life upside down in early 2020 and commercial flights came to a near-halt, the U.S. government gave the airline industry $50 billion. Since then, despite surviving because of tax dollars, the airlines repeatedly

Arizona Corporation Commission

Arizona Corporation Commission Adopts Policies Related to Utility Disconnections

After two years of deliberations, today the Arizona Corporation Commission voted to adopt a rule that sets a series of policies in place related to when electric and gas utilities in Arizona can disconnect a customer’s service in the summer. Wildfire: Igniting Community Action to End Poverty in Arizona and the Arizona PIRG Education Fund,