Anti-white racism


Opinion: Anti-White Manifesto Leaked – Gregory Hood

[Disclaimer: The views expressed in opinion pieces on the PrescotteNews website are solely those of the authors. These opinions do not necessarily represent those of the staff of Prescott eNews or its publisher.] There is one thing more threatening to the system even than violence: white racial consciousness. That undermines our system. And that is

Book Reviews

Firing Back – American Renaissance

Ed Brodow, The War on Whites: How Hating White People Became the New National Sport, TousDroit Publishing,  2023, 193 pp, $15.99 soft cover, $7.99 Kindle. Several recent books have challenged America’s racial orthodoxy. If this trend continues, 2023 could be remembered as the year that dissidents finally broke the Left’s taboo on truthfully discussing race. But


Alabama senator says white nationalists are racists – Associated Press

Photo: Sen. Tommy Tuberville, R-Ala., talks during a television interview before former President Donald Trump speaks at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J., June 13, 2023 Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville on Tuesday backed off his defense of white nationalists, telling reporters in the Capitol that white nationalists “are racists.” Tuberville’s brief comment in the

John Stossel

Opinion: Fighting Woke – John Stossel

People hate Chris Rufo. “Your agenda to turn our campus into a space of extremist indoctrination is harming our enrollment!” shouts a student at Florida’s New College. “You are the problem!” “I’m not the problem,” Rufo tells me in my newest video. “I’m actually the solution.” Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis made Rufo a trustee of

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