Ukraine Invasion

Russia’s defense chief warns of ‘dirty bomb’ provocation – Associated Press

Photo: A Ukrainian serviceman reacts as a self-propelled artillery vehicle fires near Bakhmut, Donetsk region, Ukraine Russia’s defense chief alleged Sunday that Ukraine was preparing a “provocation” involving a radioactive device, a stark claim that was strongly rejected by U.S., British and Ukrainian officials amid soaring tensions as Moscow struggles to stem Ukrainian advances in

Ukraine Invasion

Russian, Ukrainian troops gird for major battle in Kherson – Associated Press

Photo: Ukrainian soldiers ride an APC in Donetsk region, Ukraine Russian and Ukrainian troops appeared Thursday to be girding for a major battle over the strategic southern industrial port city of Kherson, in a region which Russian President Vladimir Putin has illegally annexed and subjected to martial law. Fighting and evacuations were reported in the

Ukraine Invasion

UN demands Russia reverse ‘illegal’ annexations in Ukraine – Associated Press

Photo: United Nations Ambassador from Russia, Vasily Nebenzya, second from left, address the U.N. General Assembly before it voted on a resolution condemning Russia’s illegal referendum in Ukraine The U.N. General Assembly voted overwhelmingly Wednesday to condemn Russia’s “attempted illegal annexation” of four Ukrainian regions and demand its immediate reversal, a sign of strong global

Ukraine Invasion

Putin signs annexation of Ukrainian regions as losses mount – Associated Press

Photo: In this image released by the Police Press Service, dental crowns pulled out by the Russian troops from mouths of local residents and POWs are seen in a box found in a torture chamber where the Russians reportedly tortured villagers and POWs in the retaken village of Pisky-Radkivski in the Kharkiv region, Ukraine Russian

Ukraine Invasion

Retreating Russians leave their comrades’ bodies behind – Associated Press

Photo: Ukrainian servicemen drive a motorbike past bodies of Russian serviceman in the recently recaptured town of Lyman, Ukraine Russian troops abandoned a key Ukrainian city so rapidly that they left the bodies of their comrades in the streets, offering more evidence Tuesday of Moscow’s latest military defeat as it struggles to hang on to

Patrick J. Buchanan

Opinion: Putin, Holding a Weak Hand, Raises the Stakes – Patrick Buchanan

In a Kremlin speech last week, President Vladimir Putin identified Russia’s real “enemy” in Ukraine as “the ruling circles of the so-called West” whose “hegemony has a pronounced character of totalitarianism, despotism and apartheid.” In the West, Putin declaimed, “The repression of freedom is taking on the outlines of a reverse religion, of real Satanism,”

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