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Opinion: Arizona Considers Welcome Mat for International Doctors – Inside Sources

American medicine faces a limited supply of qualified personnel. In 2020, USA Today reported that 218 U.S. counties have zero doctors. In 2022, a bill in the Arizona Senate (SB 1331) seeks to relieve these constraints by allowing certain doctors who are trained and licensed outside the United States to practice in Arizona—an idea that may

Population Changes

US population growth at lowest rate in pandemic’s 1st year

U.S. population growth dipped to its lowest rate since the nation’s founding during the first year of the pandemic as the coronavirus curtailed immigration, delayed pregnancies and killed hundreds of thousands of U.S. residents, according to figures released Tuesday. The United States grew by only 0.1%, with an additional 392,665 added to the U.S. population

Health Care educators

Diagnosing Our Future: Yavapai College Health Summit envisions the next generation of care in Yavapai County

Growing rural communities versus overwhelmed rural Health Care systems. The expansion of medical education versus the escalating needs of an aging population. The vast potential of new technologies, new personnel and delivery innovations set against the constraints of logistics, bureaucracy and time. These were the issues studied by community, medical and education leaders last Friday,

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