Yavapai Exceptional Industries and Gripstone Make Exercise Fun for ‘YEI-hoos’

Photo: YEI guys Allen Thomas, left, and Matthew Black climb at Gripstone Climbing and Café in Prescott Since November 2019, guys and gals from Yavapai Exceptional Industries (YEI!) have been rising to a challenge—literally—as they rock climb at Gripstone Climbing. The partnership is part of YEI’s Developmental Activities Program (DAP); Dakota King, director of the


Have We Become a Nation of Bullies?

Online and offline, angry, aggressive, bullying behavior has become normalized, and it’s tearing our nation apart. Elaine Parke says it’s time we got back to behaving with kindness, respect, and dignity—and her unity movement must start with you and me. We’ve traditionally thought of bullies as scowling kids who steal classmates’ lunch money or trip them on the playground.

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