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‘Gaslighting’ is Merriam-Webster’s word of the year for 2022 – Associated Press

Photo: Gas lamps illuminate St. Louis’ Gaslight Square on April 2, 1962 “Gaslighting” — behavior that’s mind manipulating, grossly misleading, downright deceitful — is Merriam-Webster’s word of the year. Lookups for the word on merriam-webster.com increased 1,740% in 2022 over the year before. But something else happened. There wasn’t a single event that drove significant

Ben Shapiro

Opinion: Joe Biden Is the Real Semi-Fascist – Ben Shapiro

This week, President Joe Biden — in search of a new label to pin on his political opponents after the failure of his “ultra-MAGA” branding, which prompted peals of laughter rather than shudders of horror — landed on a new slur with which to tar those who don’t support his agenda: they are, he said,

Legal Beat

Garland asks court to unseal warrant for Mar-a-Lago search – Associated Press

The Justice Department is asking a federal court to unseal the warrant the FBI used to search the Mar-a-Lago estate of former President Donald Trump, Attorney General Merrick Garland said Thursday, acknowledging extraordinary public interest in the case about classified records. The request is striking because such documents traditionally remain sealed during a pending investigation.

Ukraine Invasion

UN: Nearly two-thirds of Ukraine’s children have fled homes

Photo: Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, right, meets Ukrainian refugee children at Paradisbakken school in Nexoe, as she visits the island of Bornholm in Denmark, Thursday, April 7, 2022. Anna Prokopiuk, center, is from Ukraine but has lived in Denmark for three years and is therefore able to help interpret for the newly arrived refugees.

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