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Eight Seconds of Eternity

07 July 2008  
A rodeo photo gallery - when the gate opens, it's showtime, and everyone knows it.

rodeo082.jpgThey're like any other athlete before the big event. They're nervous but controlled, they walk around and stretch, they tape themselves up, they make little jumps up and down.

You ask them why they do it, and you get answers like, "Because I'm good at it," or,"Because I like the rush," or, "It beats workin'."

They also know that they don't entirely own their success - a lot depends on the animals they ride, whether it's their own mount, or the bucking stock at the rodeo. So, you see them murmuring to the horses, gently patting the bulls, making sure that everything's ok. 

As for the broncs and bulls - well, they know the routine. It's amazing to see them standing quietly in the chutes, relaxed, waiting for their moment. Once the gate opens, however, it's a different story. It's showtime, and they know it as well as that rider who is trying to stay aboard for a measly 8 seconds of eternity.

Here's an inside glimpse from the other side of the arena. Enjoy!

Photo Gallery

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