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Arizona Adrenalines Against New Mexico

21 June 2008  
A virtual photo album of the Arizona Adrenaline's game against the New Mexico Wildcats. We've got 126 photos for you to enjoy!

adrenaline06182.jpgWell, the Arizona Adrenaline are playing tonight in Utah, and then next week will be their last home game of the regular season. We're assuming that you're going to be going through Adrenaline withdrawals soon, so we've got a treat for you!

Matt Santos, the Prescott eNews Photographer Extraordinaire, has sent in a group of 126 photos to share with our readers from last Monday's game against New Mexico.

Although the Adrenaline had lost the week before, this time they were prepared for the New Mexico Wildcats, and trounced them with a final score of 63-33.

But, enough of all that - you want to see photos! If you'd like more details about the game, check out the Arizona Adrenaline website. 


Photo Gallery

All photos by Matt Santos . To view a larger image, click on the thumbnail. 



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