Today: Sep 21 , 2018

Badgers Rally To Win In Overtime 27-24

Kicking game comes up big. Peters ties, Gross wins!

Clark runs for 3TDs. Greene picks up 2TDs on blocked punts

Badgers Nip Mohave 60-59

Last second shot by Parsons gives Prescott thrilling victory                                                                                                            

Badgers Survive Home Opener 53-51

Lopez tip at the buzzer is the difference

Marauders Keeps Badgers Caged Up 38-6

Prescott offense manages only two field goals  

Badgers Come Out Cleaner In Laundry Bowl 21-6

Lee Williams coach tossed as flags fly

Badgers Ground Falcons 35-25

Prescott defense bends but doesn't break in final quarter.

Badgers All Over Coyotes 49-6

Prescott defense shuts down Combs offense

Badgers Lose Home Opener, 15-14

The Badgers came so close, but in the end, penalties proved to be costly.

The Prescott High School Volleyball team conducted themselves with grace and integrity.
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