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Prescott Badgers Dismantle the Lee Williams Volunteers

24 September 2016  
All photos by Lynne LaMaster.

The Prescott High School (PHS) Badgers notched a strong win against Kingman’s Lee Williams Volunteers.

PRESCOTT- The Badgers were rolling after last week’s late comeback win on the road against Moon Valley. This week’s Friday night home game was a confidence-builder for the team with a 44-12 rout of the visiting Lee Williams Volunteers to begin league play.

Early in the game, the Badgers' leading rusher, Collin Mills, suffered an ankle injury and did not return to the contest. In his place, David Pearce had a great game on the ground with one touchdown while continuing to impress. Meanwhile, the Badgers quarterback, Ryan Greene, also had a fantastic game as he was responsible for five touchdowns on the night with three on the ground and two through the air.

The scoring began when Greene found an open Dawson Winslow in the first quarter. The Badgers failed to convert on the extra point leaving the score at 6-0.

Later in the first quarter, Volunteers quarterback, Andrew Herrera, decided to run with the ball and fumbled but recovered. However, his luck ran out as he tried the same strategy on the next play and was burned as he again fumbled the ball, this time unable to recover, allowing the Badgers to take over in good field position.

Prescott High School took advantage of the field position as Greene threw a short pass to Andrew Marquardt for another touchdown. The Badgers got the extra point and led 13-0 with only seconds left in the first.

Badgers once again found themselves in Volunteer territory in the 2nd quarter as Greene used his legs as a weapon and beat the Volunteers to pay dirt. Another touchdown and good extra point put PHS on top 20-0 with eight minutes until halftime.

The Badgers continued the offensive onslaught throughout the second quarter as Greene was able to power through the Volunteers’ defensive line with some help from Pearce, and entered the end-zone for a fourth TD. The Badgers were in firm control of the game at this point, now leading 27-0 with three minutes remaining until the break.

It was a fairly clean game for the Badgers, however, they did make a mistake with about a minute left before halftime. The ball was hiked too high which allowed the Volunteers to take over in good field position and score their first touchdown of the night as Herrera found an open Cody Ferrin. Lee Williams missed the extra point which cut just six points from their 27-point deficit.

The Badgers quickly grabbed the momentum back as John Chaffeur had a 32 yard return and, combined with various Volunteer penalties, allowed the Badgers to get into field goal range, where the kick was good and put the Badgers up 30-6 at halftime.

The second half only got worse for the Volunteers who were sloppy with the ball. In one case, a fumble lead to a recovery and subsequent touchdown from the Badgers' David Pearce who broke free pushing the Badger advantage to 37-6.

The Badgers last touchdown would occur late in the third quarter as Greene used his legs to enter the red zone and, in short time, score from the goal line, effectively icing the game for PHS. The lead was 44-6 with minutes left in the third.

The Volunteers added one more TD with less than 10 seconds remaining in the game, bringing the final tally to a 44-12 Badgers victory.

Prescott High School coach Michael Gilpin said Mills’ injury is just a mild sprain and he could have returned if the score had been close; but Gilpin expects Mills to be ready for next week. Gilpin was also impressed how the running game stepped up.

“I was real proud of the guys,” said Gilpin after Friday night’s win. “David Pearce has been a beast for us numerous times in the past so I wasn’t super worried about it.”

Friday night’s win was big for Prescott High School as the team began league play with a victory.

“This is a special win because it’s the beginning of league play,” said Gilpin. “We’re going to try to be in a position at the end of the season where we play meaningful games. That’s the whole goal here.”

Besides the highlights of this game on the field, there were several off the field for Prescott High School. The Prescott Mile High Middle School band joined the High School band in the stands during the first half and on the field at halftime. A boy asked a girl to the Homecoming dance in front of the crowd. She said yes.

There are sure to be many more dance proposals as Prescott High School has its Homecoming festivities next week which include the bonfire, parade, dance and of course the football game against Mohave on Friday night. Kickoff is at 7 PM.

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