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Badgers Struggle in Effort Against Falcons

11 September 2016  
Defense was the name of the Prescott vs. Cactus Shadows game on Friday night. All photos by Matt Hinshaw.
It was a gritty loss for the Badgers, who fall to 1-2 on the season.

Friday night’s football game is now in the record books, and leaving it in the past is probably best from a Prescott High School perspective.

This game was definitely a grind of defense on both sides. When all was said and done, however, the Cactus Shadows defense proved to be stronger, as they held the Badgers to just 3 measly points for the entire game. That came from a field goal, which the Badgers achieved about 3 minutes into the third quarter. 

Cactus Shadows was the first to score, but the Badgers managed to hold them off until the last two minutes of the first quarter when they scored a touchdown (TD). The first quarter ended with a score of: Badgers 0, Falcons 7. 

A safety and another TD in the 2nd quarter for the Falcons brought the score to 16-0. Penalties, interceptions, dropped passes and a mangled punt all contributed to the Badgers’ scoreless first half. 

In the second half, after the Badgers scored their field goal, Prescott was able to hold the Falcons back until the 4th quarter, when they scored one more TD about 3 1/2 minutes into the final period, bringing the score to Badgers 3, Falcons 23. That was the final score at the end of the game. 

Although the score was lopsided in the Falcon’s favor, it could have been much worse for Prescott if it had not been for the Badger defense, which worked tirelessly to keep their opponents from scoring. If it weren’t for the effort on the defensive line, the Badgers would have ended up the game in an even larger deficit.

After the final huddle, Prescott’s Coach Michael Gilpin said, “We’re still trying to find our identity, and we’re still trying to improve every week… The positives obviously were the kids didn’t quit. They played hard the entire game."

Final Score: Cactus Shadows (3-0) 23 - Prescott (1-2) 3

Next week: Prescott @ Moon Valley

Hear all of Coach Gilpin's comments about the game:

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