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Badgers Meet the Bears

24 October 2015   Lynne LaMaster

If you haven’t seen a Prescott High School Badgers Football game, you’re missing out. Just sayin’.

The games are filled with excitement, enthusiasm and energy. The home crowd is loud and supportive of their Badgers team, the band adds animation and entertainment and the players always put in a great effort. 

Friday night’s game, however, was special. It was the annual Prescott High School Badgers vs. Bradshaw Mountain Bears game, a cross town rivalry that fans look forward to for the entire year. 

Every game, of course, starts with the National Anthem. Last night the players lined up as the flag was being raised by the ROTC Honor Guard and the Bradshaw band played the National Anthem. Before the traditional ceremony, the flag was walked before the crowd.


The Bradshaw Mountain band performed the pre-game show.

The field was wet, muddy and slick. Both teams seemed to take a bit to settle into the game. Prescott received the ball first, and they went three and out while committing a penalty. Bradshaw followed suit, with a three and out of their own. 


It took about 5 minutes, but Christian Setter scored the first TD for Prescott. 


There was a brief moment of celebration. 


Time to get back to work. By the end of the night, both teams would be slathered in mud. 


Bradshaw players never gave up, however. 


Derek Knotek demonstrated composure and perseverance in his only scoring opportunity. Knotek juggled the football for a couple of seconds and nearly got tackled before running it into the end zone for another TD. That brought the score to 13-0.


Bradshaw fans didn’t sit quietly. They brought posters, signs, team spirit and loud voices. 


When Bradshaw decided to make a 4th down play, instead of punting, the Prescott team encouraged the fans to stand in support. Bradshaw would go on to score their first TD with just 45 seconds left in the first half. By the time the players went to the lockers, the score was 16-6.


At halftime, the Pride of Prescott Marching Band performed. 


Just as the fans supported the team, students showed their support for the upcoming election issues. 


Fast forward to the end of the game when Prescott notched the 30-13 victory.

In 2013, a special trophy was given to the teams. Meant to be a traveling trophy, the team that wins the annual match keeps it for the year. It is called the Esse Quam Videri 19 Cup, in honor of the 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots that died in Yarnell. Last year, the Bradshaw Bears claimed the trophy on a 29-7 win. This year, Prescott Fire Department Battalion Chief Eric Kriwer presented the trophy to the victorious and jubilant Prescott Badgers.

Next week: The last game of the season. Or is it?

The Badgers play against Mingus next week at home. It will be a game filled with high drama, as it is the game that will determine whether Prescott continues their season by making it to the playoffs. The Mingus Marauders are ranked 44 in the state, so it should be an exciting game.

Varsity games start at 7 PM. There is lots of room on the concrete bleachers, although temperatures can get pretty chilly, so bring a blanket and dress warm!

If you go:

What: Prescott Badgers vs. Mingus Marauders

Why: Because it’s Prescott. And it will determine whether Prescott makes it to the November playoffs.

Where: Prescott High School on Ruth Street.

When: Friday, October 30

Time: 7 PM

Links: Facebook

Play by play account: Badgers Bang out 30-13 Win Over Bradshaw Mountain

More photos: Badger Broadcasting Network