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Prescott Routs Independence In Last Regular Season Game

08 November 2008  
The Prescott Badgers ended their season on a high note, romping over Independence with a score of 49-3.
Levi Wallace, #31, scored his first varsity touchdown. He would score a second TD later in the game.

Last night was the final game of the regular season for the Prescott Badgers varsity football team. Despite a rocky start of losing three out of four games at the beginning of the year, the Badgers came on strong to win six in a row.

It only took a few minutes for the Badgers to establish their ability to score and to defend. Within two minutes, Joey Mancha had scored the first touchdown of the game, which with the successful extra point, gave Prescott a 7-0 start to the game. But, shortly after, the Badgers had a fumble recovery on the 25 yard line, and Brian Scates scored his first touchdown of the evening. 14-0 with 8:40 left to go in the first quarter. As John Rust on KYCA exulted, "Two drives, four plays, two touchdowns!"

But, that wasn't the only first quarter scoring to be done, as quarterback Josh Chavez threw a 22 yard touchdown pass to Brian Scates to bring the score to 21-0. There was still 7:13 left to go in the quarter.

Independence didn't score until the second quarter, when they got a 3-point 26-yard field goal. And although they played valiently, it was evident that they were no match for the surging Prescott team.

There were two more touchdowns in the first half for Prescott. Mancha had a 22-yard rushing touchdown at the 7:17 mark. And Levi Wllace scored his first ever varsity touchdown with 1:25 left in the second quarter.

When the Badgers came back from half time, they were relaxed and confident. At the 9:25 mark, Jake Jarvis punched the ball across the goal line with a 3 yard touchdown.

Coach Lou Beneitone took the opportunity of this high-scoring game to substitute with some of his younger players, and quarterback Cole Johnson performed well, throwing a 20 yard touchdown pass to Wallace, who then scored his second varsity touchdown.

And, of course, Brayan Flores was the steady kicker Prescott fans have come to rely on, as all seven of his extra point kicks made it through the uprights.

When asked if he felt that winning six in a row was a good way to go into playoffs, Beneitone replied, "You know we did that last year, and it really gave us momentum. The kids are still excited, they're excited about football, and that's where they need to be this time of year."

Beneitone spoke about the team comaraderie on the field, "They have a lot of excitement, they love each other, they're out there playing hard. And we tried to get a lot of kids in there. It was just a lot of excitement on the sideline."

Next week starts playoffs, and Beneitone addressed that briefly, "We know we're going to meet the top eight, so we know how tough it is up there. But it feels good going in with this type of momentum."

'We knew he had great hands, and tonight I wanted to test him out a little bit," Beneitone said about Todd Lockwood who played a bit of tight end. "Didn't want to show a lot, because they're going to watch him now, but it makes the next team think about our tight end."

When asked if any of the players really stood out tonight, Beneitone had more to name than simply one, "A lot of the kids did, Scates still does a great job out there, and Mancha did some fantastic runs, Jake still pounds it in there. Todd Lockwood did a great job defensively and catching the ball at tight end. For our young kids, Bruce Hinton did a great job running, #22 tonight, Shawn Walker did as well, Chavez threw the ball well tonight when he needed to, it was just good all overall effort."

And as for Wallace, with his first touchdowns as a varsity player? "Levi did a great job, two touchdowns tonight," Beneitone said. "One running and one catching. The little hockey boy but he can play football, too."

Beneitone acknowledged that the Badgers can be hard to defend with Mancha, Scates and Jarvis all playing the running back position so superbly, "We just rotated back and forth. Defense has to decide which one is going to get it, and that's what we like about three backs that are pretty balanced."

When asked if he had a preference for where the first playoff game would be, Beneitone smiled, "I don't want to go to Tucson, I want to stay in the Phoenix area. It'll be an away game."

Not only does this team have momentum going into the playoffs next week, but they've got a great foundation for next year. Beneitone spoke about the potential, "We have a lot of young players that are good skilled players and enthusiastic and they got a lot of playing time in tonight, and they're excited about next year, too."

So, the Badgers close out their regular season with a record of 7 wins and 3 losses, and a 5-0 record in league play. Next stop - playoffs.

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