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Badgers Win Key Game Against Thunderbird Chiefs

25 October 2008  

It wasn't just a win, it was the highest scoring game that Beneitone had ever coached, with the Badgers winning 63-34.

touchdown2.jpgIt was a cold October night. You could see your breath. Goosebumps likely lined the Varsity Prescott Football Team. Why not? The Prescott Badgers football team needed this win. After this, their most formidable region opponent, there would only be two small games to play, and while both would be important, neither matched this game. This game would likely determine the 4A Western Sky Region Championship. The only team truly standing in the way of the Badgers third consecutive region championship was the Thunderbird Chiefs. Also, it would give the Badgers a playoff berth, but without winning tonight, the chances were slim of any post-season game play. The Badgers season record was 4-3, and having a fifty fifty record this late in the season would spell early quits for these seniors who played on a freshman football team that had gone 7-1. To add to the mounting pressure, the game was also the annual 2008 Homecoming game, with three of the Badger senior stars as homecoming nominees.

Things slowed like in the movies. The Thunderbird kicker ran. Thump! His foot connected with the rugged pig skin, sending it into the sky: The game was on. It was time for business. Prescott Badger Brian Scates (#9) scored quickly, with 7:58 remaining in the first quarter. However T-Bird wasn’t just going to lie down for their daunting mountain opponents. With 4:32 remaining in the first quarter, they also scored their first touchdown, tying the score to 7-7. Led by Senior running back Jacob Jarvis (#23) and Junior running back, and Scates, the Badgers traded touchdowns with the Chiefs. It would be a high scoring game, with a half time score of 28-20 favoring the Badgers.

With a new fire in their eyes, the Badgers hit the turf looking for blood in the third quarter. They would quickly rack up touchdown after touchdown. Jarvis, Joey Mancha (#25), Scates, and Senior quarterback Josh Chavez (#12) would lead the Badgers in Coach Lou Beneitone’s highest scoring game. Points continued to be added to the score board. Play after play would go in favor of the Badgers. Turnover after turnover was forced. Sophomore running back Colter Fortune would even score his first touchdown of the season.

The Badgers played a successful game. By the time all was said and done, the final 63-34 score showed well the natural and raw talent that Prescott has demonstrated this season. Led by superb athletes, Prescott shut down all of Thunderbird’s key players. Prescott linemen, and let’s not forget about those brutes, absolutely dominated the field that night, led by senior #66 Spencer Campbell. Despite giving up 34 points, the Badgers managed to work every player into the rotation, a feat that any coach would be proud of - win or loss.

Overall, Prescott played a dominant game with an aggressive style that made up for any of their early mistakes.

Prescott eNews’ MVP: Brian Scates, #9, who had 5 rushing touchdowns, for 460 yards; and Jake Jarvis #23, with 45 yards rushing and 3 touchdowns.

Prescott Badgers will suit up and prepare for their next game in Phoenix against Sandra Day O’Connor at 7 PM. Good luck Badgers!

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