Today: Jul 13 , 2020

Featured non-profit: Meals on Wheels.

When Courtney Osterfelt first had the idea for The Launch Pad, surely she had no idea that the Launch would be so exciting and successful.

Have you always wondered about Bitcoin and Crypto Currency? 

What’s up with Short Term Rentals?

County Assessor Judd Simmons joins Carissa Maxwell and Kellen Hoskins in the podcast studios for a conversation.

Running a small business is a tough gig. So, what to do when you need an influx of cash for growth and expansion? Maybe an SBA loan is the right fit.

Learn about the present and the future of Prescott with Carissa Maxwell, Kellen Hoskins and guest, City Manager Michael Lamar!

What you really, really need to know about homeowner’s insurance.

Should you rent or should you buy?

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