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liveupdateIt's the live Council update, this time with a bonus! A special workshop for the Airport! I'm not able to attend the workshop, but I'll see if anyone can give me an update.

1. Presentation on economic impact and important of the Prescott Airport.

2. Adjournment.

Prescott City Council Regular Voting Meeting – May 12, 2009


Mayor Wilson
Councilman Bell Councilman Luzius
Councilman Lamerson Councilman Roecker
Councilwoman Lopas Councilwoman Suttles



A. May 10-16, 2009 as National Police Week

Read by Councilman Bob Bell

B. May 15, 2009 as Rotary International Day

Read by Mayor Jack Wilson.


A. Helen Stephenson re Prescott Film Festival & Series

Announcing the premiere of the Prescott Film Festival and Series, first film showing tomorrow! See: Independent Film is Coming to Prescott.

Eventually there will be a film festival here in Prescott.

B. Representative of Prescott Creeks re Recap of 2009 Granite Creek Clean Up.

$18711.01 worth of cleanup.

Nearly 600 volunteers.

3.44 tons of trash & debris (increase of 1 ton)

Miller Valley 5th Grader won the t-shirt decorating contest, named Angie.

Fann Contracting quadrupled their donation to $1000, WalMart also donated $1000. Various other sponsors.

City of Prescott was in kind - Planning Logistics, Maps, Park Support and Solid Waste Transfer.

Next year's Granite Creek cleanup: April 24, 2010 (tentative date.)

C. Paul Katan re award of Safe Routes to School projects.

3:20 Safe Routes to School program. National effort to get more kids to walk and ride bikes safely. Tomorrow the City of Prescott is hosting Brian Fellows and a training of school officials from all over in the State.

Applied for Infrastructure Funds last December, in partnership with City of Prescott. Applied for 2 grants: $238,000 around various schools, and also $230,000 for another project.

On April 30th, ADOT has announced that both infrastructure projects were awarded - 2 projects out of 8 in entire state.

"I'm about to cry, this is the best thing that has ever happened to me," Katan said.

Another non-infrastructure award over $40K was given.

Recognizing various staff in the City of Prescott and Mayor Wilson, too.

Thanks Safe Routes to School "Champions" from local schools.



A. Presentation by representatives of Arizona Public Service on Update of the 69KV Line.

3:26 Greg from APS

Rebuilding new KV lines from Prescott City Substation to the White Spar substation. Currently the connection is on a wooden poles - that line is quite old. We want to make sure we have the reliablity to serve our customers here.

On March 25, 26, conducted Open Houses at Middle Schools. Had 11 attendees at both. 20 comments. A newsletter was distributed to 8000 people in advance of the Open Houses.

Summary: Some concern or hesitation about building the line through a residential area. Less support for the route along the creek. Chose a route along an alleyway along Goodwin and Carleton, and Montezuma Streets.

We are actively pursuing the final design for the route I've shown on the screen here.

Not a final route, per se, but something they are pursuing. Will be discussing with the Prescott School Board. Will work with folks who have structures near or on property.

This project has some opportunities to consolidate some of the wiring and poles, and improve accessiblity in the area.


Questions: Luzius asks if there will be any other neighborhood forums. Answer, not likely.

Mary Ann Suttles appreciates the pre-work. "I'm sure there will be comments about cutting up trees, and traffic, but at least you are allowing them to comment."

"Again, I want to thankAPS for what you are doing."

Poles will be metal, will coordinate with City Engineering Department. Poles are between 2-3 feet across at the diameter, but some are 44 inches in diameter.

The pole is self-supporting, weathering. Will have appearance of existing structures.

Showing a simulated photo - takes the worst case scenario - and it probably won't look exactly like this.

Norwood is saying, "I want to be very clear, when these start going in, we sure want to have your website and your phone numbers. Seeing this is one thing, but I think when we start putting in these large metal poles, there will be an impact."

Lamerson thanks them for coming up to do the presentation and opening up the public dialog. "I also think it's imperative that you guys elaborate what will happen to the system if this section continues to be overtaxed."

"We want to make sure we're well out ahead of any kind of difficulties losing this substation might have," before it happens.

3:44 end.

B. Presentation by John Rasmussen re Water Advisory Committee – New Projects Update.

3:45 start

Explaining why image of Don Quixote (Picasso 1955) - I'm going to have the opportunities to slay the giants, but they're really windmills. "No, my arch enemy, he turned them into windmills just to spite me," he can't face the reality.

WAC is about facing evidence.

Two new projects, and a budget perspective. These projects are being put into the other projects.

We may have massive amounts of information that is highly defensible, but our leaders need to be able to defend it.

Approaching 10 years of funds, spent over $4M of studies.

USGS Gravity Investigation: Data Collection and Analyses - Aquifer Properties for Regional Model.

NAU Verde Valley Surfact Water Study (Phase 3): Models and general knowledge.

The Gravity Investigation will take at least 3 years.

... #4: Identify the most significant data gaps that reduce the accuracy

Will locate 6 stations in Big Chino and 6 in the Verde.

Hoping to improve the regional models.

Budget: $25K first year, get installed and measuer. $35K for 2010-2013.

Verde Surface Water Model

Basic knowledge. Wants to link to the regional groundwater model.

Where: Verde Valley

What Continue ongoing efforts, collect data on physical properties and stream flow,

Phase 2, South, Phase 3, North.

Projected timeline: Next summer.

4:03 end

Comments: Roecker wanted to have Rasmussen come and demonstrate the complexity.

"This is not soundbites, this is science. When you get into science, you'd better know what you're doing," Mayor Wilson noted.

4:05, end complete.

C. Presentation by Steve Owen of Perc Water re Water Recycling Facilities, Asset & Risk Management.

4:06 Complete paradigm shift to the path you are on.

Age old response: design, bid build.

Here to talk about water treatment plants. Perc is about risk management.

Comnay Intro

City of Prescott, Az

Highest Water Quality

Small Footprint

Risk Mangement

Project Case Studies.

"We don't use water, we just borrow it."

Says that they could eliminate the airport site.

Everything covered, noise and odor control.

3 issues:

1. Compliance with strict water quality guidelenies

2. Capacity for additional growth

3. Neighbor friendly

Public Private APartnerships:

  • Advantageous to public agency clients
  • shifts the financial and performance risk from the public sector tot he private entity
  • allows for extensive cost savings & access to the greater expertise
  • each shares skills and assets

"You've got time on your side."

Quality: Class a+ affluent.

Trademarked activated sludge process.

Recommending that a committee be formed, and send them to view a plant in action. We're not here as a consultant, they're selling time. "I want 4 of you council members to have enough of an open mind to really dig into the facts... I challenge you to do that."

There are underground tanks. Common wall construction. Completely enclosed. Underground takes eliminates odor, appealing aesthetic.

One thing else I would tell you, all of our plants can be operated with an iPhone.

"I would challenge you to really dig into this and take the time to learn what we do."

End 4:26

Mayor Wilson notes that they just authorized an engineering plan to expand the waste treatment plant.

"I think I would be in favor of at least going down that path to learn more."

Luzius asked this company to be here. Also asked who would own the effluent.

Lamerson: Thank you for giving the presentation, and would like to learn more about it.

Roecker: Please tell me specificially at what point does their company make profit. Answer: We're in it for the long haul.

"I want you to all understand, this is paradigm shift..."

"Come to one of our plants, and you will see something that you will never see in 50 other plants from our competitors."

Their rates right now are over $100 per month per client.

His plant's rates are $60 per month, only 9 miles away.

Costs in AZ are 20-30% less than in CA.

Lopas - I would love to take a tour.

4:35 end

D. Presentation by County Assessor Pam Pearsall regarding the County Assessor’s Office.


Three elements required in property tax evaluations.

Identifies, locates and values real properties. Studies actual market.

She gives a simple illustration, and then gives her contact number.

Consent agenda approved and moved to end of document.


A. Appointment of members to the Acker Trust Board.

Steve Stazinski, expire 2011; Jim McCaslan 2011.

Approved unanimously.

B. Public Hearing and consideration of liquor license application from Hai Liu, applicant for Hong Kong Restaurant, for a Series 12, Restaurant, license for Hong Kong Restaurant located at 520 Miller Valley Road.

Here but left, approved unanimously.

C. Public Hearing and consideration of liquor license application from Billie Nelson, applicant for The Rose Restaurant, for a Series 12, Restaurant, license for The Rose Restaurant located at 234 South Cortez.

Applicant here - new owners for The Rose Restaurant.

"I appreciate her sticking with us," Suttles said.

Approved unanimously.

D. Adoption of Resolution No. 3959-0965 – A resolution of the Mayor and Council of the City of Prescott, Yavapai County, Arizona authorizing the ballot language regarding the City’s transaction privilege tax to be presented to the voters of the City of Prescott at the Special Election to be held on September 1, 2009.

Ballot Language: 3/4 of 1%, for 20 years, starting in 2016. Needs ballot language to county no later than June 5.

Ballot Language can be read at the City Agenda, page 8.

Lamerson asked what the projected cost of current needs? Nietupski states it is about $15-20M per year. Recommending that more money be spent in rehabilitation of pavement maintenance.

Lamerson is asking whether the 3/4 cent is enough to do the roads.

Wilson said that the percentage has already been decided, and cuts Lamerson off.

Suttles asks if it will be used for maintenance and construction. Kidd said yes, and the resolution is written in such a way as to cover other areas such as curbs, sidewalks, etc.

Roecker agrees with Lamerson, but that had zero support. "But, I like the wording, and I'm going to support it."

Lopas said, "I like the wording, it is broad, but we don't think it's broad enough... we need to make sure it's broad enough for the future." Recommends changing word, "Streets" to "surface transportation". Adding multi-modal transportation. "We don't know what's going to happen in the next 20 or 30 years."

Mayor said he will not support this.

The committee was very strong not to include transit, Laurie Hadley stated.

"Well, we could write a book, but this is their recommendation, and I'm going to stand on that," Hadley said, as she sat down.

Luzius agrees with Lopas, "We've got to look to the future... and need to make all the options available that we have."

Suttles said firmly, "I cannot muddy this 3/4 cent for street... you are second guess what we're trying to do here... we discussed streets, if we bog this down, we're never going to get this passed."

Bell agrees with Suttles. "I think we need to pay attention to what the committee said... I'm happy with the resolution as it stands."

Lamerson thanks the committee for all their effort, but cannot support this when he knows it is not enough money.

Michael Peters speaks, "In reading this language, if you want it to pass... keep it simple." Gives suggestions to change wording.

Roecker asks if there is a reason to leave some of what Peters asks for.

"We erred on the side of being over-wordy," because of previous lawsuits.

Wilson agrees with the KISS principle, and he would be in favor of simplifying this.

Kidd said that it can be changed.

Blair notes that the city has a bike pedestrian plan that calls for the city to do what they can when opportunites arise.

Lindsey Bell urges that they broaden the language to include surface transportation. She goes over her qualifications. "Clearly most of the money will go to streets, but small modest investments of other transportation needs ... can extend the life of the streets."

Will give broad support to helping this pass if the city supports multi-modal transportation.

Paul Katan: Gives his qualifications, too. Thinks that the council is worried about muddying the issue. Says he thinks the voters would like more options. Supports the proposals from Lopas.

"This has been ongoing for nine-months now, I'm very uncomfortable to stick transit in it at this late date," Wilson said.

Katan - We're asking folks to lessen the demand on our overtaxed streets. "Please don't interrupt me, Mayor, I'd appreciate it."

Hadley reminded the council that they voted to have this be for 'streets only'.

Roecker, "I think we have the wording, I think we can do this today, and we should move forward."

Dave Maurer: Solidly behind the singular recommendation for streets. "There is a place for transit, But right now we need to deal with streets."

"So, streets first," Maurer said.

Wilson notes that Open Space people are waiting to see what to do with the remaining of the .25% depending on what the governor does with certain pieces of property around Prescott.

Bill Warren, I am very much an alternative transportation advocate, but I do not think that this is the time to consider anything but streets.

Wilson reads the alternate language. Suttles seconds it.

Lamerson doesn't agree with lowering the ability of the city to build streets, but he thinks that the city residents should be able to vote on it.

Luzius wanted to wait to vote on it until he could see it (next week). The Mayor said there was a second and it needed to go forward.

It was voted upon -

6-1, Luzius voted no.

Bill Warren reads, "The Citizens Tax Committee offers it's support and endoresement," he read. "I think you're on the right track, and you're doing the right thing," Warren said.

E. Public Hearing on annexation of a portion of the Granite Dells Ranch with associated minor amendments to the General Plat and Airport Specific Area Plan; Owner, Granite Dells Ranch Holdings (Cavan Real Estate Investments); Agent, Mark Reddie, LVA Urban Design Studio, Tempe, Arizona. (ANX0-001)

McConnell notes that this is not about the Development Agreement.

The public hearing is on the annexation, McConnell notes. Points to a link on the City's website, Granite Dells Ranch Annexation.

Luzius asks about the report Bill Kendig tried to make last week but was cut off. Wilson says snidely, "What part of the report were you referring to? Global warming?"

McConnell notes that the Fiscal Analysis has been completed. I think that what we are talking about here is implementation of the general plan, which provides criteria for a favorable projet. McConnell said.

"When you look at the financial analysis, it comes down to the question of investment? Is now the time for the city to make an investment?"

Costs that are out there but may not be reclaimed, it is true that there will be some infrastructure which will be located that is not there.

"In the view of your staff, this looks like a very good investrment at a very reasonable cost," McConnell states.

Luzius notes that he is not against this annexation, but he is gunshy after the Fann annexation.

Mayor Wilson notes that he is the one who formed the committee, "this is a completely different process from what we did with the Fann annexation."

"This will generate 4800 jobs over a 5 year period which are badly needed," Wilson stated. "I'm very comfortable with this annexation."

Luzius said, "If I can point out, I did say that I was not opposed to this annexation." "I didn't take it that way." Luziua replied.

A speaker wants to know if organizations are aware of the options for the Peavine Trail.

McConnell said that there will be a workshop regarding the Peavine trail on May 26.

Public hearing closed by unanimous vote.

F. Approval to improve security and access to City Hall, to include Utility Services, Mayor and Council and Administrative Offices, not to exceed $68,000.00. (Pulled from Consent Agenda by Councilwoman Suttles)

Suttles said she appreciates the staff taking the council through what is planned. She said that she doesn't think this is what they need to be getting into. "I think we're closing more and more access to the city council," she said.

"This is no reference to city employees, that they and their safety, is not thought of... This is Everybody's Home Town, let's keep it that way," Suttles said.

Lamerson - you know what we're doing is we're shutting the people away from the citizens they serve. "I almost feel like by putting up these barriers, we're saying we have sharks out there."

Roecker said, "I think the positive attitude of the people who work for the City of Prescott will come right through the glass, so I'm going to vote in favor of this issue."

Luzius, "I endorse this, and I endorse it wholeheartedly."

Bell, "I appreciate the comments, and certainly side with the fact that it's too bad we have to do this. And I would never forgive myself if something were to happen to one of our staff. Never."

Lopas agrees with Bell and others.

Vote: Passes 5-2, Lamerson and Suttles cast opposing vote.

G. Adoption of Resolution No. 3957-0963 – A resolution of the Mayor and Council of the City of Prescott, Yavapai County, Arizona, repealing Resolution Number 3927-0933 and adopting new Rules of Procedure for the Prescott City Council. (Pulled from Consent Agenda for amended language of Resolution)

No comments or questions from council or audience.

Vote: 6-1, Lamerson cast dissenting vote.

H. Adoption of Resolution No. 3960-0966 – A resolution of the Mayor and Council of the City of Prescott, Yavapai County, Arizona, to authorize the application for a Clean Water State Revolving Fund Loan from the Water Infrastructure Finance Authority of Arizona (WIFA).

Borrow small amount over $1M for a wastewater treatment plant.

Passes unanimously.



A. Adopt Resolution No. 3951-0957 – A resolution of the Mayor and Council of the City of Prescott, Yavapai County, Arizona, authorizing the City of Prescott Fire Department to enter into an Intergovernmental Agreement (“IGA”) with Central Yavapai Fire District (CYFD) to exchange occupancies of CYFD’s Station 51 for Prescott Fire Department’s Station 72 and authorizing the Mayor and staff to take any and all steps necessary to accomplish the above.

B. Adopt Resolution No. 3954-0960 – A resolution of the Mayor and Council of the City of Prescott, Yavapai County, Arizona, authorizing the City of Prescott to enter into an Addendum to Intergovernmental Agreement (“IGA”) to include Walker Fire Protection Association into the Prescott Regional Communications Center (PRCC) and authorizing the Mayor and staff to take any and all steps necessary to accomplish the above.

C. Approve the CDBG construction contract in an amount not to exceed $110,549.00 with Core 5, LLC for the federally–funded project known as Campbell Streets Improvements.

D. Approve contract with JEBCO for the federally-funded Renovation and Remodel of the WYGC Hillside CDBG Project in the amount of $42,163.00.

E. Approve the Preliminary Plat Extension Request for Granite Creek Village, comprising 43 lots on approximately 14.5 acres located east of White Spar Road along Granite Creek in the vicinity of the Pine Cone Inn.

F. Adopt Ordinance No. 4700-0943 – An ordinance of the Mayor and Council of the City of Prescott, Yavapai County, Arizona, amending Land Development Prescott City Council Regular Voting Meeting – May 12, 2009 Page 3 Code, Table 2.3, Schools in the IL District; Table 2.3, Dormitories on the IL District; Section 6.2.5.C, Compact Parking Spaces; Section 7.4.5.B.4; Flag Lot Dimensions; Table 2.3, Hotel/Motels in the IL District; Table 2.3 Mobile Food Vendors; and Section 2.5.13, Mobile Food Vendors.

G. Award two contracts for quality assurance testing services for City capital construction projects, one to Ninyo & Moore; and one to Western Technologies, Inc.; each in an amount not to exceed $80,000.00.

H. Adopt Resolution No. 3958-0964 – A resolution of the Mayor and Council of the City of Prescott, Yavapai County, Arizona authorizing the use of the Water Smart logo by the Upper Verde River Watershed Protection Coalition.

I. Approve the Minutes of the Prescott City Council Joint Study Session/Special Meeting of April 21, 2009 and the Regular Voting Meeting of April 28, 2009.


The City of Prescott will take a tour of potential security hazards tomorrow before voting on whether to remodel City Hall.

An early morning single vehicle crash has left one person dead, and another in critical condition.

Representative Andy Tobin, House Majority Whip, responds to Mayor Jack Wilson's criticism of the "Impact Fee Sweep".

Mayor Wilson protests Impact Fee "Sweep" proposed by the State of Arizona in an effort to balance the budget.