Today: Nov 18 , 2019


New Technical Difficulties

Life is an adventure, and by my definition, adventures include problem solving.

The Diamondbacks are Coming to Town

Come to Fry's on Glassford Hills Road and meet Diamondback's outfielder Justin Upton and shortstop Stephen Drew up close and in person.

Prescott Valley Council to Interview Council Applicants
Prescott Valley Council members tomorrow plan to review applications and select final candidates for the seat left vacant with the passing of Councilman Bob Edwards.

Well, no connection today, again, but that's not to say it wasn't an interesting meeting! The mayor started out with an apology for calling people 'eco-nuts' and that was just the beginning!

Basic service upgrade projects dominate the agenda for today's Prescott City Council session.

Technical Difficulties

You know what it's like to move into a new house - you can get all the furniture in, but that doesn't mean you're finished with the job.

Well, doing a major change to a website is kind of the same thing. You can get most of the stuff taken care of in advance of the move, but there are always little straggling things left to do.

So, now that we've got the new site up, we're finishing up the details. The site should stay active, but there might be weird glitches along the way. For example, earlier today, there was a period of time when you'd click on a slideshow entry, and it would take you to an odd page.Within a few minutes, we were able to get things going again.

Please be patient and be assured that we are on top of it and working as hard as we can to take care of whatever technical difficulties we encounter. And we thank you for your support.

It's our hope that in a week or so, well, you'll forget the site ever looked different.