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Cathey Rusing is running for Prescott City Council.

Noting on her Facebook page that she has lived in Prescott for over 30 years, Cathey Rusing has now turned in her signatures to be placed on the ballot for City Council. Rusing is the second candidate to turn in signatures, Jim Lamerson turned his in earlier in the month.

Last Thursday morning, Rusing, accompanied by her husband Tom Rusing, turned in her petitions bearing 1418 signatures, far more than the required minimum of 848. The maximum number of signatures a candidate for the Prescott City Council can turn in is 1696.

Since the campaign is not fully underway, many of the candidates have not explained yet why they are running or identified the issues they feel the most strongly about. Here is the main statement on Rusing’s page:


Before leaving City Hall after turning in the signatures, Rusing made a point of thanking City Clerk Maureen Scott for her assistance and willingness to answer questions. 

Rusing is one of four candidates vying for three open council seats. Jim Lamerson, Billie Orr and Steve Sischka are the other candidates. Orr and Sischka turned in their signatures on Monday, the 20th. Mayor Greg Mengarelli is running unopposed. There is still a little time for a candidate to get into the race, however, collecting the necessary signatures at this point in time would be a challenge.



Deputy’s Traffic Stop leads to 40 pounds of meth Seized – Suspect In-Custody 

Representative Townsend urges Congress to take action on the border crisis.

The Greater Prescott Outdoors Foundation presented a check to the Yavapai County Search & Rescue Team.



Agenda Packet

Watch the Budget Meeting live on Facebook: 

Further resources:

Proposed Capital Budget and Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan FY2020 Budget May 2019FY2020 Budget May 2019

Tentative Budget for Council Workshops



 Everyone present.


Mayor Mengarelli


A. FY20 Budget Workshop

A question has arisen from Councilman Phil Goode is whether or not the PSPRS ARC (Annual Required Contribution) amount should remain stable, and not reduce due to what the total amount owed was. 

Ok, this can get confusing. 

The ARC is based on a percentage of what is owed. Since the amount owed is lower today than it was a couple of years ago, the ARC is lower than it was then. 

The question is whether or not the ARC should remain the same as if the balance were not being reduced.

The general consensus seems to be that the ARC should be paid according to PSPRS calculations, not according to previous balances. The City is also paying about $15M extra per year from the extra sales tax that the voters agreed to a couple of years ago. 

Revenues are up overall, and expenditures are also increased.

A $1 M is in the budget from AZ state - this will help the terminal.

Increasing Prescott's visibility to CEOs and decision makers especially in venture capital capital and high tech firms.

Groundbreaking to be done in June on the Hilton Hotel.

Eviation will also be using city-owned facilities for their operations.

"There is a sense, I believe, hopefully universally, that the City is interested in partnering..." City Manager Michael Lamar

They are revising the City water resource management approach and policies, which will contribute to an improvement in quality of life. 

Public Works is catching up on a "ton of overdue projects".

Code Enforcement is being changed to the Neighborhood Services Division.

Last year, there have been 3 neighborhood cleanups in FY19. There will be 2 more in FY20. 

They provide tools, work with volunteers, organize efforts to clean up and enhance neighborhoods.

Councilman Goode offers compliments on the efforts and results of the Neighborhood Cleanups.

In the last Neighborhood cleanup, they collected 11.3 tons of trash.

New newsracks are being installed, probably in the 2nd week of June.

The goal is to have a more service-oriented culture in a variety of areas. There will be more outsourcing to help with that.

FY20 Capital - Airport

The need from the general fund is not limited to 2020, but to several years forward.

 They will move up in rankings from 450 busiest airport to 350 busiest airport. 

They plan to have a groundbreaking in September or October. 

They are very highly ranked in Arizona. 

The terminal cost is about $15M, $13.3M is eligible from the federal government. 

The TWY Charlie realignment is about 97% covered. 

"We're still looking at beyond the next 2 years a significant federal government investment

Projects in Capital Works


Maintenance/Preservation/Rehab projects: $8.969M (a significant increase from past years)

"Using the right dollars for the right projects and the right methods..."

Circulation Projects $1.746 M 

Roadway Reconstruction Projects (Total reconstruction) $16.413M

Robinson Dr.

E. Goodwin St., Washington Streets

Penn/Eastwood Streets

Summit/Beach/McCormick St.

And more...

Drainage Projects $1.150M

Water Capital Projects

Water Production Projects $25.655M

Water Distribution Projects $2.872M

Water Quality Projects $338,239 

(will complete TMDL study and action plan)

Wastewater Projects

Wastewater Collection Projects $18.748M

Wastewater Treatment Projects (no budgeted projects for FY20)

 Total Public Works Capital: $82,409,679


"This [budget] is pretty lean, it's one of the best I've seen," said Councilmember Jim Lamerson.


Lower Basin States, Mexico Sign Colorado Drought Contingency Plan

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