Today: Jun 19 , 2019

After Representative David Stringer’s resignation from the House, 426 pages of documents are released from the Ethics Committee.

Suspect Arrested for Theft of $25 Gift Card

 Suspect arrested for Theft of Gift Card – Suspect had access to mail – Additional charges possible 

'Routine' traffic stop by YCSO Deputy results in arrest of Bank Robbery Suspect

A Cottonwood teacher has been arrested for sexual conduct with a 17-year-old.

Copper Theft Suspects Arrested

Copper Wire thefts resulted in a loss of several thousand dollars in material and labor costs. 

Prescott man and woman arrested.


P.A.N.T. Warrant Arrest Yields Drugs

Based on a tip from another AZ law enforcement agency, Margerison was arrested.

Fiduciary Fraud Suspect Arrested Again

Conservator/Fiduciary Fraud Suspect arrested, Again

Child Molestation Suspect In-Custody – Once a ‘trusted’ babysitter 

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