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Bill's Newscast: Surveys & Savings

Census Bureau Representatives are out and about. 

Don’t be scammed. Verify the identity. 

Household surveys are being conducted in the area, so it’s important that you verify the identity of the Census Bureau Field Representative.  The U.S Census Bureau compiles information from the surveys to produce statistics that describe populations and their characteristics, including age, education, housing and income.  Bureau officials say when a household is selected for a survey or census, an official letter is sent from the Bureau Director.   While you may have answered the Census in 2010, your address and not you personally may be chosen to be a part of a randomly selected sample.  There are 2 ways to verify a Field Representative’s employment status online.  Navigate to and select Person Finder in the top right hand corner.  Enter the last name, then the first name.  This will display the employee’s name, bureau and e-mail address.  You can also go to and select Index in the top right hand corner. Scroll to the letter C and look for Census Bureau.  Selecting the employee search sub-heading and entering the last name then first name will display the employee’s name, region, position and e-mail address.  

Savings on electric bills coming now.

APS customers will see a drop in their monthly bills. Officials say starting today, customers will see an average reduction of $5.40 as a result of 119 million dollars in federal corporate tax cuts.  APS has included a new adjustor in the company’s most recent rate review to pass savings directly back to customers.  These savings exceed the 95 million dollar revenue increase from last year’s rate settlement.  Last week, the Arizona Corporation Commission approved the rate reduction starting with this month’s bills.  The calculation is based on energy usage per kilowatt hour and will vary month to month and customer to customer.  

APS is expected to refund customers additional savings from federal tax reform later this year. 

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