Today: Feb 18 , 2020

Bill's Newscast: Victims Need Not Be Concerned About Immigration Status

Bar owner arrested

County Library District changes coming.

Changes could be made to the Yavapai County Library District. During its meeting at 9 tomorrow morning, the Library District Board will consider a reorganization plan that would go into effect July 1st. District Director Corey Christians is recommending the Office Manager position be eliminated and replaced with a new Administrative Assistant position, retaining the positions of Library Network Manager and Assistant Director and having the job duties of County Librarian transferred from the Assistant Director to the Director. In addition, the duties of the Community Librarians and Community Assistant Librarians would be consolidated into a Library Coordinator position. These and other changes would cost more than 74 hundred dollars. The Yavapai County Board of Supervisors will meet as the Library District Board during its meeting, which will be held in the Verde Valley Complex on South 6th Street in Cottonwood.

Dewey-Humboldt looks at future planning

The Dewey-Humboldt Town Council meets at 6:30 tonight to consider updating or readopting a future planning document. In May 2009, Council approved the General Plan, which serves as a planning guide to maintain and improve the town. It contains 6 elements, including Land Use, Circulation, Cost of Development, Open Space and Trails, Environmental Planning and Water Resources. According to Mayor Terry Nolan, Arizona law requires cities and towns either readopt or update their current General Plan every 10 years. The Dewey-Humboldt Town Council will decide which direction on the Plan to take during tonight’s meeting, which will be held in Council chambers on Highway 69.

Prescott Airport inspection on the calendar

The Prescott Airport has some important dates coming up. A comprehensive safety and compliance inspection is scheduled to take place tomorrow through Friday. This inspection includes all airport facilities, fueling and proper training requirements according to regulations for commercially certified public airports. This Saturday through next Tuesday, the City of Prescott will be hosting the Arizona Airports Association Spring Conference. Prescott Airport representatives will have an opportunity to meet various management staff from other airports throughout the state. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and local aviation representatives plan on attending the conference, which will be held at the Prescott Resort off Highway 69.

Cottonwood Police discuss arrest of Bootlegger Beer Club owner

The Cottonwood Police Department is releasing more information on an aggravated assault incident. Last Thursday, 49 year old Michael Anderson, owner of the Bootleggers Beer Club in Cottonwood was arrested after he allegedly pulled a gun on 2 of his employees who were giving him a ride home. Sergeant Monica Kuhlt explains the 2 were able to get Anderson to give them the gun and get him home, but were afraid to report the crime due to their immigration status. Kuhlt says they want every resident to know they can tell police when they are the victim of a crime regardless of their immigration status. Anderson is facing charges of aggravated assault involving a deadly weapon and drinking at his own bar while he was working there.

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