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Bill's Newscast: What To Do About School's Winter Break?

20 December 2016  

Winter break is coming, but the schedule has a few challenges.

Trash rate increase

Prescott residents could see an increase in their trash collection fees. At 1 tomorrow afternoon, the Prescott City Council will hear a presentation on increases to commercial and residential trash and recycling services fees. According to City Manager Michael Lamar, this is the first request for increases in more than 10 years. The Solid Waste Division has diverted as much material as possible from the landfill in order to help keep operating costs down. Other cost saving measures include modifying existing operations and drawing down the Solid Waste Fund balance. The increases are now needed to ensure cost recovery of operations and to provide for a prudent Solid Waste Fund balance. A 1 dollar monthly increase is being proposed for residential customers and a 34 cents per yard increase is being proposed for commercial customers. The Prescott City Council discussion will take place at City Hall on South Cortez Street.

Model Aircraft at Fain Park

Action by the State Legislature and Governor Doug Ducey has prompted the Town of Prescott Valley to designate an area for model aircraft. The Governor has signed a measure into law that restricts local regulation of unmanned aircraft. Prescott Valley Parks and Recreation Director Brian Witty says there have been public safety concerns with model aircraft. Witty explains why Fain Park was chosen as the designated site. Witty adds this change doesn’t affect other motorized or non-motorized remote control devices. There will be no changes to Fain Park, but regulation signage will be installed to let residents and visitors that it’s a model aircraft operation area.

Goodbye to some, hello to others!

The Chino Valley and Central Yavapai Fire District Boards will be saying farewell to a few of their members. At 4 this afternoon, the Central Yavapai Fire District Board will recognize outgoing members Steve Rutherford and Bob Page. Rutherford was elected in 2012 and he didn’t seek reelection to a second term. Elected in last month’s General Election were Matt Zurcher and Jeff Wasowicz. Incumbent Vicilee Jacobs was reelected. At 5, the Chino Valley Fire District Board will recognize Dave McConnell and Travis Bard. McConnell has been on the Board since 2008 and Bard was elected 4 years ago but neither one sought reelection. The 3 candidates who ran for 3 available positions have been appointed. They include Julie Pettit, Todd League and Rick Mayday. The Central Arizona Fire and Medical Authority Board meets at 6 tonight, where they will recognize Chairman Rutherford and member Page. The Board will consider appointment of a 5th member and will appoint a new Chairperson and Clerk. All 3 meetings will be held at the Central Arizona Fire and Medical Authority Chino Valley facility on Road 3 South.

Ongoing road work

Watch for delays on Prescott streets due to ongoing road work. City of Prescott crews are milling Sandretto Drive and installing new asphalt along the roadway from Willow Creek Road to Lorraine Drive. There will be flaggers in the work zone and drivers may experience turning restrictions, narrow lanes and rough roads. Meanwhile, crews are adjusting utility covers back to the finished road grade in the Enchanted Canyon, Heritage and Preserve communities off Gail Gardner Way. One lane of traffic will remain open at all times. Adjustment of utility covers is also taking place on Smoke Tree Lane from Willow Creek Road to near Birchwood Cove. Work hours for all these projects are 7 am to 6 pm today through Friday.

Dewey-Humboldt P&Z

A Dewey-Humboldt Planning and Zoning Commissioner wants to continue to serve. Commissioner Jeff Siereveld was first appointed in January 2013 and his term is up at the end of the year. Siereveld has expressed a desire to be reappointed to a second 4 year term that would start next month and runs until the end of 2020. The Dewey-Humboldt Town Council will consider the reappointment as part of its voting session at 6:30 tonight. Council will also consider the appointment of a new Vice-Mayor, which usually takes place at the second voting session in December.

The standard procedure is to appoint the most senior Council member who hasn’t been the Vice-Mayor and has served for at least 1 year. The Vice-Mayor performs the duties of Mayor in his absence and may perform other duties as delegated by Council. The Dewey-Humboldt Town Council meeting will be held at Town Hall on Highway 69.

Annual Vacation Rentals

The Prescott City Council meets at 3 this afternoon to consider setting the annual vacation rental registration fee. Last month, Council approved regulations for vacation rental use of residential properties. The owner and operator will be required to obtain a rental registration certificate . City Attorney John Paladini says there will be an owner occupied exemption. The proposed 100 dollar annual fee is based on the cost estimated to administer the regulation. There will also be a 35 dollar annual business license fee. The Prescott City Council’s voting session will be held at City Hall on South Cortez Street.

Holiday Calendar

The holiday calendar has posed some challenges for the Prescott Unified School District. Superintendent Joe Howard explains classes come to an end pretty close to Christmas. Howard says there are reasons the calendar is set up this way. Howard adds there have been some favorable comments for this calendar. Friday is a half-day for students. The Humboldt Unified School District will have a 1 hour early release tomorrow and a 2 hour early release on Friday. Since students in the Chino Valley Unified School District don’t have classes on Friday, their last day will be Thursday. Classes resume in all 3 districts on Monday, January 9th.

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