Today: Feb 19 , 2020

Forever GI Bill - Jobs for Veterans

Did you know there is a bill that President Trump signed into law that the House and Senate both voted unanimously to pass?

Plane Mural Honors Military Heroes

Rodney Jarrell, Military Supporter, Pays Tribute to the Armed Forces With His Plane That Has an Artisitc Paint Job

Some Arizona Veterans Will Be Reimbursed From Being Defrauded

Embry-Riddle Hosts Welcome Home Event for Vets

Northern Arizona University to Host Annual Welcome Home Event for Returning Service Members

Veterans Deliver Petitions from Common Defense PAC and with 100,000 Signatures Asking GOP Leaders to Renounce Trump’s Candidacy

Honoring Our Service Members on Memorial Day

This Memorial Day, Let’s Honor and Thank Those Who Have Served and Sacrificed in Our Behalf


Honor Flight Arizona has Brought More Than 1,300 Veterans to Washington to Visit the World War II Memorial and Other Monuments Since it Began Flights Six Years Ago

Senator McCain Calls It 'Long Overdue Action' By VA Administrators


VA Hospital Director Sharon Helman Pleaded Guilty to Making a False Financial Disclosure to the Federal Government

Bill's Newscast: Updating the War Memorial Plaque

It’s time to update the War Memorial with additional names yet to be recognized.

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