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Budgets, Lunches & Murder are in today’s report. 

Suspect Arrested for Killing her Husband – Peeples Valley  

2003 Arleen Cilione Homicide case remains Open and under Review by Cold Case Unit

Catherine Sposito Homicide 30 Year Anniversary, Cold Case Investigation remains Active – Detectives seeking whereabouts of a Firearm

Suspect booked for Murdering his Wife and unborn child

Florida Man Sentenced For 2007 Murder

Jack Bates Rider III was sentenced to 18 years.

Four Individuals Indicted on Charges for Death of 6-Year-Old Boy

Catherine Sposito Homicide Approaching 29-year-Anniversary – Cold Case remains Open, Detectives will not Rest

Cold Case Update – Suspect Arrested – Detectives Seeking Public Input

Domingo Valdez-Anguiano is wanted in connection with a 2004 murder and auto theft. 

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