Today: Feb 18 , 2020

AZ Gas Prices Fall Slightly

Arizona gas prices fell 0.3¢ in the last week.

AZ Gas Prices UP 1.8¢

Gas prices in Arizona are 20.1¢ higher per gallon than one year ago.

AZ Gas Prices Rise 0.4¢

Gas prices are 19¢ higher than they were a year ago.

AZ Gas Prices Drop 1.5¢ in Past Week

The gas prices have dropped in the past week, and may very well drop more.

AZ Gas Prices Remained Stable This Week

Arizona gas prices didn’t change this week.

AZ Gas Prices Fall, But Could Be On the Rise

Gas prices drop 1.9¢ per gallon compared to last week.

AZ Gas Prices Drop 3.2¢

AZ gas prices fall once more to usher in the new year.

Arizona Gas Prices Drop 3.4¢

A welcome respite at the gas pump, although prices are still the highest they’ve been in the last 5 years.

AZ Gas Prices Drop Just Before Thanksgiving

Prices fall about 1.7¢

AZ Gas Prices Drop 1.5¢

Gas prices drop again!

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