Today: Feb 29 , 2020
Current News

Current News

Senior Anti-Crime University

Live at the Senior Anti-Crime University, put on by the Attorney General's office. C'mon down - it's free (really!) and you can come at any time. Schedule included. At the end, Goddard promises a diploma!

What happened in the Sedona sweat lodge on the night of October 8? Why did people die, and what was done to save their lives?

Focused on increasing income while they decrease expenses, Prescott Valley Town Council will consider a variety of measures.

Jim Lamerson isn't daunted by the fact that the Appellate Court is considering whether or not to hold an election. He's voting anyway.

The family of Lizbeth Neuman, who were not notified of her hospitalization, urge other participants to seek medical advice.

A third person has died as a result of the Sedona Sweat Lodge event on October 8. This is a comprehensive report of the current information known: Includes building & fire info, waiver, "what to bring" checklist, more.