Today: Jun 05 , 2020

It's the Live Update of the Prescott City Council. No study session today - starts at 3 PM.

Groundwater flow model to be created for the Big Chino.

Council looks at Road Construction projects. Study Session starts at 1 PM, Voting Session at 3 PM.

There are 3 Council meetings today - hope they really, really love one another on this Valentine's Day!

It's time for the Prescott City Council marathon. Starts at 1 PM at City Hall. Don't forget, there is extra parking available on Council meeting days. 

There's a study session on PSPRS, which starts at 1 PM. And a voting meeting at 3. Don't forget, extra parking is available in the City parking lot!

It's the Live Update of the Prescott City Council meeting. Starts at 3 today. 

Looks like it could be a long meeting today. Stay tuned, the Study Session starts at 1; Voting Session starts at 3.

The Prescott City Council is ready for a marathon today. Study session starts at 1 PM, and voting session starts at 3 PM.

Holiday Weekends Mean DUI Saturation Patrols, in Order to Help Keep Everyone Safe

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