Today: Apr 09 , 2020

Arizona Gas Prices Were Stable This Week

Retail gas prices were quite steady this week.

Although there was a slight increase this week, the prices should drop this fall, barring unforeseen events.

Arizona Gas Prices Rise 2.1¢

Gas Prices Rise before Labor Day

Arizona Gas Prices Tick Slightly Upwards

Gas prices rose about 2.2¢ this week.

Gas Prices Continue to Drop

Gas prices drop by 5.1¢ per gallon.

Arizona Gas Prices Drop 4.4¢

Gas prices have dropped this week.

Arizona Gas Prices Fall 4.5¢ In Past Week

Are gas prices on their way to below $2 again?

Gas Prices Drop in Arizona

Prices have dropped in Arizona, placing the state average about in the middle of the range.

AZ Gas Prices Rise 0.5 Cents

Gas prices inched up slightly, but are still less than the national average.

Arizona Gas Prices Rise 2.7¢ This Week

While Arizona gas prices creep up, they're still a lot lower than those in California.

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