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Planning to travel this weekend? Expect gas prices to be much higher than one year ago.

Gas Prices Continue to Rise

Gas prices have risen 4.6¢ this week.

Up, Up & Away Go the Gas Prices

Sheesh! Will this ever stop? AZ gas prices rise 5¢.<

Arizona Gas Prices Rise 5.6¢

Prices are surging.

Gas Prices Offer Brief Respite

Gas prices fall 1.3¢ per gallon in AZ.

AZ Gas Prices Drop 3.4¢

Christmas travel just might be cheaper.

AZ Gas Prices Continue to Drop

Gas prices drop 3.1¢

AZ Gas Prices Drop 2.2¢

Gas prices dropped in Arizona, but not as much as the national average.

Gas prices should lower as refineries return to production.

Small Gas Price Drop in Arizona

Arizona, AZ, July 3- Average retail gasoline prices in Arizona have fallen 0.5 cents...

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