Today: Jun 01 , 2020

Arizona COVID-19 Cases Rise by 16%

Arizona fatalities from coronavirus have also increased, but the increase in cases appears to be much slower than seen in other areas. 

Community Spread in Parts of Arizona

Late update on the Arizona coronavirus.

While the number of cases continues to climb in Arizona, the testing results have been promising. 

Senate Unanimously Passes CAREs Act

McSally Secures COVID-19 Relief for Arizona Families, Small Businesses

Info You Need: COVID-19

The only thing that seems to be spreading faster than coronavirus (COVID-19) these days is news and information about the coronavirus.

Coronavirus Spreads Throughout Arizona

Coconino County announced their first death from Coronavirus, and Mohave County has reported their first case.

Tuesday, March 24th - Coronavirus (COVID-19) - There are now five deaths in Arizona attributed to Coronavirus, according to the Arizona Department of Health Services (AZDHS). 

It has also been extended for 60 days.

Here are Monday’s COVID-19 updates.

 Statewide 2-1-1 COVID-19 Hotline

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