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COVID-19: Yavapai Reports 1st Death, Navajo County has 20% Positive Rate

06 April 2020  

Arizona’s number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise, but at a lower rate of increase than before.

Update from Yavapai County: 


Santa Cruz also added another case. 

Mohave County reports 19 cases, but they also have one newly reported death. 

Yavapai County has experienced it’s first death due to COVID-19, and the number of cases has risen to 50. Three patients are hospitalized but there are about 15 more that are under investigation. 

Yavapai County’s positive rate is 3% out of 1108 that have been tested. 

Navajo County is one of the most severely hit in Arizona, with 20% of those tested receiving positive results. All in all, 963 have been tested. 

Not only is Navajo County within the State of Arizona limits, a large portion of it is also a part of the Navajo Nation. The Navajo Nation been hit hard with 354 cases and 14 deaths. Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez has put into place strong stay-at-home orders and a curfew. The Navajo Police are issuing citations and fines for those who violate the orders, as well as setting up checkpoints on roadways to further enforce the orders. 

You can watch President Nez here:



Likewise, Coconino County has a 21% positive rate, although they have only tested 605 individuals. A majority of the COVID-19 cases are in Tribal Jurisdictions. (Please note, the graphic below was from Sunday, April 5. They typically update their stats later in the evening of each day.)

To put that into perspective, Maricopa County has a 6% positive rate, out of 20,409 tested. 

Here’s the information for Arizona as a whole: 

County Health Department List & Links

Apache County: Website 

Cochise County: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Coconino County: Website  | Facebook  | Twitter  

Gila County Website | Facebook

Graham County Website | Facebook

Greenlee County Website | Facebook

La Paz Website | Facebook

Maricopa County: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Mohave County: Website |  Twitter | 

Navajo County and Navajo Nation

   Navajo County: Website
   Total Cases: 210

   Navajo Nation: Website | Facebook
   Total cases: 354

Pima County: Website

Pinal County Website

Santa Cruz County: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Yavapai County Website | Facebook | Twitter

Yuma County Website | Facebook | Twitter

Other Website Resources

Arizona Department of Health Services: Website | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

CDC: Website | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

Arizona Together: Arizona Together
There is also an app you can download.

New Google Website

Editor's note: We collect data from a variety of sources for this information, including state and county websites. We use the latest information we can find.  


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