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Coronavirus Cases Increase, Some Counties Hold Steady

24 March 2020  

Tuesday, March 24th - Coronavirus (COVID-19) - There are now five deaths in Arizona attributed to Coronavirus, according to the Arizona Department of Health Services (AZDHS). 

Note: We will provide updates throughout the day to this page if any new information occurs.

Arizona State Information

Here is the latest information from across Arizona. First of all, it’s important to note that the community spread in Arizona is increasing, and considered to be at a moderate level. So, staying at home and reducing exposure to other people is a good strategy, both to protect yourself and others. 

The information on testing is extremely limited, as has been well reported across the state and country. However, taking the information from the AZDHS website, of the testing done at the Arizona State Public Health Laboratory, about 88% of the tests come back negative. Since they are only testing those that are a high risk, or show possible symptoms, that means only 12% actually have or might have coronavirus. 

Please note, this is not inclusive of all testing across the state, as many private providers and labs are ramping up their testing. What this means is that the number of cases will spike in the coming days, and that should not come as a surprise. 


Please note, we will share as much information as we can find from each county. Not all counties provide a great deal of information. 

Yavapai County

3 Positive

14 Pending

85 Negative

102 Tests

Maricopa County

Pima County

A death was reported last night in Pima County. It was a lady in her 50’s with underlying conditions.

Navajo County

As we reported recently, a small village in Navajo County was identified as a “Hot Spot” and completely closed. 

Now, the entire Navajo Nation is under Shelter in Place orders. Read that entire Shelter in Place order here:

Here is the Navajo County website:

Here is the Navajo Nation website:

Here are links to other county health departments. The ones with asterisks have very little information available.

*Apache County

Cochise County

Coconino County

*Gila County

*Graham County

*Greenlee County

La Paz County

Mohave County

Pinal County

Santa Cruz County

*Yuma County

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