Today: Apr 10 , 2020

LD1 Candidates at Highway 69 Club

10 February 2020   Steve Irwin, President, Highway 69 

LD1 Republican Candidates speak at Highway 69 meeting on Tuesday.

The newly revived Highway 69 Republican and Conservative Club has announced it will host LD1 Republican candidates for the State legislature at their next meeting, Tuesday, February 11, at 5:30 pm in Prescott Valley. There are currently four announced Republican candidates:

Quang Nguyen from Prescott Valley

former state senator Judy Burges from Skull Valley

Selina Bliss, from Prescott

Steve Sensmeier, also from Prescott

All have been invited and are expected to attend. Each candidate will make a short presentation and will entertain questions from the audience.

The 2020 race for the legislature is shaping up to be a highly contested year for LD1 candidates. Both seats are open with current Representatives Noel Campbell and Steve Pierce taking a pass on another term. Former State Representative David Stringer is now running for County Attorney. Senator Karen Fann is running unopposed in the Republican primary. With the exception of Judy Burges, who served in the state senate from 2012 to 2018, all other candidates are seeking public office for the first time.

Long one of Yavapai County’s most venerated political clubs, the original Highway 69 Republican Club suspended meetings following the 2016 election. However, Steve Irwin, Yavapai College Board Member and current candidate for District 5 Board of Supervisors, along with other local activists revived the club in November 2019, with Congressman Paul Gosar as their first speaker. The newly christened Highway 69 Republican and Conservative Club has been renamed to reflect the strong interest in more conservative views in Yavapai County politics since the election of President Trump. The new club now meets on the first Tuesday of the month at 5:30pm, at the Stepping Stones Community Center in Prescott Valley.

The Highway 69 Republican Club was founded in the early 2000’s by County Supervisor Thom Thurman and other local activists in the Prescott Valley and Highway 69 corridor.

Former Phoenix City Council Member Francis Barwood and former County Supervisor Jack Smith were also associated with the club for many years. Yavapai County activists including Noel Campbell, David Stringer and Karen Fann, and many others attended regularly.

Steve Irwin has now picked up the mantle. Over the years, the club became an important meeting place for political activists and elected officials in Yavapai County and across the state. Everyone from the US Senate and congressional candidates to state legislators and candidates for local offices made the pilgrimage to the Highway 69 Republican Club for the opportunity to engage with voters and rub shoulders with political figures.

Irwin said his plan for the new Highway 69 Republican and Conservative Club is to stick with tradition. Future meetings will be on the first Tuesday of the month at the Stepping Stones Community Center, 6719 E Second Street, Suite C, Prescott Valley. “Given that 2020 is a Presidential election year with many new candidates running for open offices”, Irwin said, “this is the right and perfect time to bring back this venerable political club.” Tuesday night’s meeting is free and open to the public.