Today: Jul 11 , 2020

David Stringer Announces His Candidacy for Yavapai County Attorney

11 January 2020  


Today I am announcing my candidacy for Yavapai County Attorney.  I believe that public safety is the first duty of government.   I will vigorously enforce our laws and support our law enforcement community.   But after 20 years with the same incumbent, our county deserves a fresh approach to criminal justice.  It is time to bring the criminal justice system in Yavapai County into the 21st century, and recognize that today’s criminal is often better equipped and more ruthless than the criminals of years gone by.  If we are going to keep you safe, we need to start doing a better and smarter job.

For years prosecutors ran for office promising to lock everyone up—they bragged about how many people they were putting in jail.  Today, we understand that spending tens of millions of dollars to pursue, prosecute, and jail low-level, non-violent offenders exhausts the resources we need to properly go after the real bad guys.   The policies of the current incumbent have filled our county jail with too many low level, non-violent offenders who are crowding our jail and driving up costs to the taxpayers.  I want to find alternatives to jailing the small fry, and make room for violent predators, habitual offenders, and those who prey on the most vulnerable in our community.   After 20 years with the same incumbent there is a lot of clean-up work to be done.  Washington D.C. isn’t the only swamp that needs to be drained.

The law has always been the most important thing in my life.  More than 30 years ago, I was falsely accused of a crime, and while I was able to make my way through that experience, it convinced me that instead of focusing on tax law, as I had initially planned, my life should be spent on criminal law.  Since then, serving my clients and helping those in need has been my primary occupation.

There has been a lot of fake news and tabloid journalism about those false charges, even from otherwise reputable journalists who should know better.  The facts are that the allegations from 1983 were resolved without a guilty plea and without a conviction.  The case was investigated and I was cleared by the DC Bar in 1984 of any form of misconduct.   The Maryland judiciary expunged the matter over 30 years ago.   In a legal career spanning 40 years, I have remained an attorney in good standing in three jurisdictions, including Arizona since 2002, and was never subject to a single bar complaint of any kind.   In short, I have lived my life as an exemplary citizen.  Here in Yavapai County most people know me because of my willingness to stand on principle and oppose higher tax schemes and sweetheart deals for those in charge.  

Several years ago I was elected to the state legislature, where my conservative record and outspokenness on issues of ballot integrity, border security and the negative effects of illegal immigration made me a target for the liberal media and even some of my fellow legislators.   They used the circumstances of my old false arrest to put me in an untenable position where I would be forced to violate a court order or refuse to comply with a subpoena.  Both of those options would violate my oath as an attorney so I resigned rather than place my law license at risk.

But being forced from the legislature has not scared me away from fighting for those who need my help.  Instead, it has hardened my resolve to stand up to bullies and bureaucrats who serve themselves instead of We The People.

In Yavapai County, Sheila Polk has turned the County Attorney’s Office into a weapon she uses against political adversaries, and her actions have been slapped down by the courts.  Her misconduct as a prosecutor has placed county taxpayers at risk of millions of dollars in damages.   After 20 years in office she wants to stay in power so she can renovate her office in the County Detention Center at a cost of $4 Million and a property tax increase for homeowners.  More taxes will be needed to build her $70 Million new jail, even though we all know that money could be far better spent targeting violent criminals and those who commit crimes against our property and our more vulnerable senior population.

I’ve spent my lifetime protecting the constitutional rights of people from all walks of life, including police officers, correctional officers, school teachers, government workers and even a few lawyers.  I’ve run successful businesses and I’ve served in the Legislature where I helped to balance budgets, cut taxes, and protect taxpayers.  I’ve fought the good fight to protect our 2nd Amendment from politicians like Sheila Polk who would use so-called Red Flag laws to strip our constitutional rights.  And I’ve long fought to end illegal immigration and enforce our nation’s laws.  You can be sure that I will work with the Trump Administration to do whatever we can to finally stop illegal immigration once and for all.

Over the next few months, I will be approaching many of you either in person or through campaign volunteers to ask for your signature on my petition to qualify for as a candidate in the August 4th Republican primary.  For me, politics is always about ideas; never about personalities.  I look forward  to a robust debate on the issues.  Change is never easy and I know this will not be an easy campaign.  But I’ve been a lawyer and a taxpayer advocate for a long time—I love a good fight.



Editor's Note: David Stringer is Co-Owner and Publisher of the eNews websites. However, our publications will not be an advocate for David Stringer or his campaign. Neither will we denounce his campaign. We will cover his campaign and the race for County Attorney like we cover any news story - with fairness and integrity. Neither side will get any preferential treatment. Both sides will be offered equal access.



David Stringer

David Stringer is a local Attorney and the Publisher of Prescott eNews. He frequently attends cultural and political events.