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Live Update of the Prescott City Council, December 17, 2019

17 December 2019  

Open Meeting Law Training, and strategic planning on tap for the Study Session, which starts at 1.


Agenda Agenda Packet

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A. Open Meeting Law Training

Council Memo Printout

To begin the meeting, the council is receiving Open Meeting Law Training. This is required any time there are new council members.

If there is an "inadvertant" Open Meeting Law violation 

B. Strategic Planning Session

The Strategic Planning Session is being facilitated by Barry Aarons.

Council Memo Printout

a. Strategic Plan 2019



Strategies and Tactics (generally assigned to staff)

Goal 1: Stabilizing the General Fund, continually supporting the market compensation plan, and providing adequate and stable funding and flexibility to maintain a balanced budget as required by the Charter.

1. Continue to stabilize the General Fund

2. Retire the PSPRS unfunded liability based on FY17/18 actuarial, administrative, and financial assumpsions as soon as possible. 


  • Use the dedicated sales tax of .75%
  • Seek state assistance

Tactics: Cash, flexible financing, state matching fund, communications plan

3. Monitor Legislative Actions: 


  • Make impact fees adjustments (time constraints, operations expenses, simplify process, expand purposes)
  • Revenue/Expense flexibility
  • Continue to monitor and support compliance of sales tax remittance from vacation rental websites and online remote sellers (WayFair decision)

Tactics: Closely watch Prop 126 definitions, outcomes, potential court proceedings

Note: Rusing would like to add water to some of the goals.
Phil Goode asked about vacation rentals affecting regular rentals. 
Aarons noted that some investors are purchasing blocks of homes for use of vacation rentails. 

Councilman Goode brings up: Section 115 IRS Irrevocable Trust: Could this be another investment tool for the City? Phil Goode thinks this could counteract the PSPRS rate of return. 

This is an issue that is confusing to me. 

Goal 2: Economic Development: - providing an environment to enable prosperity and job/career creation 
Drivers: tourism, medical, government, education, growth, suply chain industries, high-tech and cyber security

Objectives: 1. Taking better advantage of community assets

a. Strategies: 

  • Maximize revenues at existing city-owned/operated locations (airport, golf course, etc.) by seeking reasonable market rate for leases/services, and enforcement of collection of delinquencies.
  • Explore strategies with academic/trade institutions to build future workforce capabilities (tech, trade, vocational skill/career development)
  • Encourage business/industry partnerships with local colleges and universities to encourage innovation and student retention for employment

2. Utilize a regionalization approach to support mecessary Airport and Airpark growth and development

a. Strategies

  • Seek federal and state financial support for current and future airport development
  • Encourage private development...
  • Encourage businesses and partnership
    • Tactic: Support Eviation.


Tech center partnership with ERAU is apparently being re-thought. Hoping to build the center with private/commercial funding and commercial land.
"Prescott has such unique assets that other communities don't have around the community," Jim Robb said. 
Northern Arizona Technology Alliance - over 70 people came to the 1st event.

AZ Commerce Authority: Governor's Innovation Challenge will be at Embry Riddle  - will put up $250K in prize money to compete in Cyber-Security and Tech. This amount will be matched by another party, making the prize purse $500K.

Thanks City Manager Michael Lamar for his efforts with Eviation. 

Sischka asks about Center for the Future - and not having something out of the ground right now.

One problem - they don't want to take a bus to Phoenix.

Needs innovation and foundation. "We need a fort and the fort is the center.

City Manager Michael Lamar points out they need to do something for supporting Eviation in the Strategic Plan.

Goal 3: Quality of Life - A clean and safe city that provides superior essential services and enhances opportunities that allow for retention and attraction of people who want to live, learn, work and plan in Prescott. 

Objectives: Natural resource preservation and Conservation - Engage in cooperative efforts with political entities, subdivisions, and private property owners to work to assure the preservation and conservation of our natural resources.


Acquisiton of land for public ownership

Conservation easements (hiking/biking)

Clean water bodies

Fire-wise communities

Foreest health

2. Highly rated City Services: Perceived as and are measurably delivering efficient and effect services including transportation with improved flow, well-maintained streets, public safety, code compliance water and wasterwater services.


Consider traffic flow/traffic management

Study public transit opportunities through political subdivision coalitions (CYMPO)

Continue to work with State Legislature to restore HURF money

Support statewide hands-free driving legislationlic private partnersips

Tactics Evaluate signage around the city to communicate more effectively 

3. Cultural and recreational Experiences - To facilitate intergovernmental agreements and public private partnerships.

Goal #4: Service-Oriented Culture - Promote an accountable organizational culture of excellent/superior/solutions driven service 

(I can't tyoe this fast!!! I'll look for a copy from the City Clerk.)

Councilman Sischka wants to add the word "facilitate".

Blair asks that the Council is updated on progress once a quarter. He wants the public to actively know what they've done for them. 



Agenda Agenda Packet




Father Ian Emile Dunn with All Saints Anglican Church


Mayor Mengarelli


A. Roll Call


A. Prescott Fire Department Employee of the Year

Presented by Mayor Greg Mengarelli



A. Approval of City Contract No. 2017-017A2 to Delta Airport Consultants, Inc. for Updated Forecasts and Remaining Activities on the Prescott Regional Airport Master Plan, in the Amount of $38,000; and Increase the City match on the Project by $500. Funding is Available in the Airport Enterprise Fund.

Council Memo Printout

a. Airport Master Plan Additional Fee proposal

B. Approval of City Contract No. 2020-130 for Vanguard Truck Centers in the Annual Estimated Amount of $50,000 for After Market Parts Utilizing the City of Tucson's Contract No. 161459-01. Funding is Available in the Fleet Maintenance Budget.

Council Memo Printout

a. SKM_C284e19120511580

C. Approval of City Contract No. 2020-133 for the Purchase of One (1) 2020 Ford F450 Mechanics Vehicle from Sanderson Ford using Arizona State Contract No. ADSPO17-166123 Pricing in the Total Amount of $92,553.28. Funding is Available in the Solid Waste Fund.

Council Memo Printout

a. Sanderson Ford Mechanics Truck Quote Dated 10.7.19

D. Approval of City Contract No. 2020-134 for the Purchase of One (1) 2020 F150 4X4 Truck and One (1) 2020 F450 4x2 Truck Including Aftermarket Up-fitting, From Sanderson Ford Using State of Arizona Contract No. ADSPO17-166123 Pricing in the Total Amount of $87,463.56. Funding is Available in the Water Department Budget.

Council Memo Printout

a. Sanderson Ford F150 4X4 Quote Dated 10.18.19

b. Sanderson Ford F450 4X2 Quote Dated 11.13.19

Passes unanimously. 7-0


A. Adoption of Ordinance No. 2017-1704 and Resolution No. 2019-1731 Approving Changes to the Vacation Rental Ordinance and Fee Structure

Council Memo Printout

a. Ordinance No. 2017-1704 Amending Title IV Related to Vacation Rentals

b. Resolution No. 2019-1731

 Councilman Goode: Concerned about redefining a bedroom, and thinks it might have unintended consequences. Wants to know the purpose. 

Reason: It cleans up the definition, and if the room does not have a "closet" rather than a "wardrobe" it won't be considered a bedroom. That also allows them to restrict the number of people that can be in the room.

Rusing is concerned that it may create a double standard with the regular code.

Blair agrees that it must be consistent.

In the last 2 years, there have been only 2 verified complaints regarding vacation rentals.

Sischka wants to reword the resolution.

Councilman Goode wants to exclude the bedroom definition under section #2.

The issue is what the owner can put on Internet sites for advertising. 

The motion passes 7-0



1. Public Hearing and Consideration for a New Liquor License Application for a Series 10 Beer & Wine Store License from Timothy Scot Miller, Applicant, for Sheldon Street Gas & Grill; Location: 801 E Sheldon Street.

Council Memo Printout


b. R19-1-702

Motion passes 7-0 



3. Public Hearing and Consideration for a Person to Person Liquor License Application for a Series 7 Beer & Wine Bar Liquor License from Kelley Christina Cabral, Applicant, for Prescott Junction; Location: 1121 E Sheldon Street.

Council Memo Printout


b. R19-1-702


  1. A. 2020 Legislative Agenda & Calendar

Council Memo Printout

Motion passes 7-0

I. Oppose Preemption of Local Authority 

SUPPORT the retention of local government decision-making authority. Unfunded mandates and preemptive efforts remove the ability to set policy at the local level and should be OPPOSED

  • II. Preserve Local Funding 

PROTECT existing funding that bring revenues necessary to the City of Prescott and support the quality of life our residents expect. This includes protection of state-shared revenues and opposition to new fees by other levels of governments that would increase costs to the City and its residents. 

State Shared Revenues – 

OPPOSE sweeps of Highway User Revenue Funds (HURF) allocated to Arizona cities and towns. 

SUPPORT replenishing HURF funds previously swept. 

OPPOSE legislation that further erodes the City’s existing revenue base, such as elimination of taxable categories of retail sale, residential rental and construction sales tax (at point of construction). 

SUPPORT legislation that provides greater flexibility in local funding sources to provide assured revenue for the provision of public safety services, including but not limited to statutory authority to place an increase to the local primary property tax, beyond the current allowable effective tax rate increase, on a local election ballot for approval of the qualified electorate.

2020 City Objectives for the State Legislative Session 

Continue State Budget Appropriations for the Hotshots – During the 2019 session the Legislature approved an additional $7 million to be paid over 7 years to help pay down the pension liability. The City will seek to maintain this $1 million per year in the state’s base budget. 

SEEK to maintain budget appropriation of additional state funds to the City’s PSPRS trust in order to cover the costs of the added liability. 

State Park in Prescott – There has been interest expressed in creating a state park in Prescott. If successful, identified land would be purchased by a public land trust and the City would be the manager of the property, which would be held as open space in perpetuity. An appropriation of state dollars could be secured through the Legislature that would then be used as payment for the land. 

SEEK appropriation of state dollars for the purchase of private lands in order to create a state park. 

IRS Code Section 115 Trust Option – Allowing for this option for local governments would enhance local control over revenues collected for pension costs. This would be applicable to the PSPRS system and cities could create a separate option through a Section 115 Trust that would allow more flexibility in investment options and that money would not be subject to the investments strategies of PSPRS but would be held in such a trust until the time they are paid to PSPRS. 

SEEK for legislation allowing for cities/towns to use the Section 115 Trust option for investment towards PSPRS pension obligations. 

Tourism Marketing Authority – Hotels and related transient lodging facilities could petition a city or county for the creation of an authority within a stated geographical area to assess customers a specified per room per night fee to be collected by the Department of Revenue and distributed through the city in which the authority exists to the recognized non-profit destination marketing organization (DMO) or tourism agency of the municipality if there is no recognized DMO. The petition would also declare that the funds can only be used for tourism promotion and that the authority would be required to report at least annually on its activities and the metrics demonstrating what results the authority has produced. The petition would have to be approved by the city council or county board of supervisors that governors the geographical area of the authority. 

SUPPORT legislation for the creation of a tourism marketing authority. 


a. Legislative Agenda 2020

According to Aarons, the $5M would be used to purchase private land for a park in Granite Dells. Representative Campbell is ready to drop the bill. As Mayor Mengarelli pointed out, "It's a big ask." Aarons said that this will be a difficult sell, when Prescott has asked for and received $7M for the Firefighters, plus $1M for the airport. 

This amount will come out of the general fund and is discretionary spending. 

According to the information given, this is entirely separate from AED annexation issue.

The cities in Maricopa County use 11% of the state's water. 

The 2020 Legislative Agenda passes unanimously, 7-0.

B. Approval of City Contract No. 2020-131 for the Purchase of Two (2) 2020 Ford Explorer Patrol Vehicles and Four (4) 2020 F150 Patrol Vehicles from Peoria Ford Using State of Arizona Law Enforcement Contract ADSPO13-038802 Pricing in the Amount of $354,698.97. Funding is Available in the General Fund.

Council Memo Printout

a. Peoria Ford Explorer Detective Quote Dated 12.5.19

b. Peoria Ford Marked Patrol Quote Dated 12.5.19

c. Peoria Ford F150 Detective Quote Dated 12.5.19

d. Peoria Ford F150 K9 Quote Dated 12.5.19

Motion passes unanimously. 7-0

C. Approval of City Contract No. 2020-132 for the Purchase of Two (2) 2021 Freightliner 114SD Dump Trucks Using Arizona State Contract No. CTR41810 Pricing in the Total Amount of $567,942.14. Funding is Available in the Streets Budget.

Council Memo Printout

a. Freightliner Quote Dated 12.06.19

These are 10 wheel dumptrucks.

Used for snow, ashphalt hauling, debris, etc.

Councilwoman Scholl asks how much these dump trucks would sell for? Probably $10K - 20K.

Quote: "I will honor Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all the year," Charles Dickens. 


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