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Former State Senator Judy Burges Seeks LD 1 Vacancy

29 November 2019  

Judy Burges has formally announced her candidacy for one of Legislative District 1's two vacancies.

Judy Burges, a longtime Skull Valley resident and former state senator for LD22, has formally announced her candidacy to fill one of LD1’s two upcoming vacancies in the state legislature. The conservative Republican is well known to Yavapai County voters after representing the southern portion of the county as part of LD22 until redistricting transferred the area into LD1 following the 2010 census.

Ms. Burges served in the Arizona House of Representatives from 2005 to 2012, and the state Senate from 2012 to 2018. She now joins five other announced candidates, four Republicans and one Democrat, to fill one of LD1’s two seats in the State House of Representatives. To date, she is the only announced candidate with prior legislative experience. The former Senator’s conservative credentials, high name recognition and deep ties to Yavapai County could propel her into the lead in what is shaping up to be a sharply contested August primary.

Ms. Burges has stated that she is returning to public life out of concern that traditional American values are under attack in the legislature and throughout our state and nation. Her goal is to represent the conservative values of LD1 and push back against what she perceives as the liberal drift of state government. She describes herself as a strong supporter of President Trump and decries the effort to impeach him.

As a candidate for state office, Ms. Burges calls herself “an unapologetic conservative” and “a Christian who supports family values, the right to life, school choice, border security, and the protection of constitutional freedoms, especially free speech and the Second Amendment.”

During her time in the legislature she was an opponent of expansive government, higher taxes, and Common Core. She expresses deep reservations about Red Flag laws and the threat they pose to due process and the Second Amendment right to bear arms for personal safety. While in the state legislature, she proposed legislation to ban foreign law, including Sharia law, from being recognized in Arizona. Her current legislative priorities include water and energy policy, reform of the Public Safety Personnel Retirement System (PSPRS), transportation and infrastructure, and tax relief for working people and middle class taxpayers. She is particularly concerned about the impact of higher taxes on the District’s large retiree population and young people just entering the job market.

Ms. Burges has indicated she will run as a traditional candidate and not accept any form of public financing. It is still relatively early in the campaign season. Candidates can file a statement of organization with the Secretary of State at any time and have until April 6, 2020, to file a minimum of 690 petition signatures to earn a place on the ballot.

David Stringer

David Stringer is a local Attorney and the Publisher of Prescott eNews. He frequently attends cultural and political events.

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