Today: Apr 06 , 2020

Fuel Tanker Rollover

06 November 2019   Dave Haskell, Paramedic Engineer, Prescott Fire Department

The fuel tanker hit soft dirt and landed on its side.

At approximately 3:45 on Tuesday afternoon, firefighters and Hazardous Materials Technicians from the Prescott Fire Department and Central Arizona Fire Medical Authority, together comprising the Prescott Area Regional Hazmat Response Team, along with Lifeline Ambulance and the Yavapai County Sherriff’s Office, responded to reports of a fuel tanker rollover on Contreras Road near Skull Valley.  Arriving units found a fuel tanker on its side with the driver having already self extricated himself from the vehicle.  Reports state that the driver moved to the side of the road to make room for an oncoming vehicle when the tanker hit soft dirt and rolled onto its side. The driver sustained minor injuries and was taken by ground ambulance to Yavapai Regional Medical Center for further treatment.

The driver reported that the tanker was carrying approximately 2000 gallons of diesel fuel and gasoline. The taker sustained minor damage with all of the fuel safely contained within the tanks.  

Contreras Road was closed for approximately three hours while the tanker was being up righted with the assistance of a local tow company. Members of the Prescott Area Regional Hazmat Response Team conducted air monitoring, secured the tanker, and extended protection lines to assist with the safe offloading off the fuel into another tanker truck.