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Bottled Sunshine

26 October 2019   Shanti Rade

No Farmer’s Market next week. Following that, it will be winter hours from 10 AM to 1 PM.

This is it.  Last market of the "summer" season.  Though it sure isn't feeling like summer anymore.  Time to stock up though, because there will be no farmers market the following week (Nov 2).  We will return to Yavapai College on Nov 9th with winter hours from 10 am to 1 pm.

We have been busy this week pulling potatoes and sweet potatoes for winter storage, digging and dividing lots more dahlias (anyone interested in buying dahlia tubers for planting, they will be available early spring), making the first wreaths of the season, and cleaning the fields and greenhouses. Fall clean up is not the most glamorous task.  Lots of row cover, drip tape and plastic mulch to recover from the fields, greenhouses to clean out, old crops to mow down.  But it is also really satisfying to create the blank canvas to create again for next season.  It seems weird to divide things into seasons and years when we are always planning ahead and planting practically year round. But I am grateful for the opportunity to keep our crew busy and our energy flowing, grateful that there is always something to do in every month and every season, and also that some seasons are slower paced than others. 

At the market this week: lots of winter squash, pumpkins and sweet potatoes, still some (not so beautiful) tomatoes, sweet new turnips, and baby bok choy.  We will be roasting chiles this week, but, it's getting close to the end.  No promises we will have any in two weeks.  So, I know I have said it before, but if you need to stock up on roasted chiles for the winter, now is the time to fill up your freezer. 


Olive, learning the family trade of chile roasting

We've already soaked and pre-sprouted sweet peas. If they do well in their trays,
I'm hoping to get these into the ground by December - sweet peas love a nice cool
greenhouse to grow in winter and flower in spring

View from the farm stand. Our self-serve farm stand is open everyday and we keep it stocked with produce year round. 

More plants arrived this week - yikes!!  Still so many bulbs and plants to get tucked in the ground before winter arrives.  And just when I thought things were slowing down . . . 

Wreath season has arrived!  The flower crew had a blast making the first weaths of the season.  It was so depressing having zero flowers at the market last week, we figured it was time to put some of the flowers we have been drying all season to good use.  These wreaths are like bottled sunshine and they will last indefinitely. 


Spinach, not quite ready to harvest, but coming along nicely

Heirloom mums, generally our last flower crop of the year, are almost ready.  This crop has been a real challenge for me to figure out, but they are so stunning, I keep on trying.  The chickens are doing their darnedest to keep the grasshoppers off of them too.

Post Market farewell lunch

We've been dividing so many dahlia tubers, we're dreaming about them.  We are 1/3 of the way done . . . still so many more to go



salad mix
radishes - round red
Salad turnips
winter radishes -  daikon and watermelon
carrots - orange and rainbow
bok choy
onions - red and yellow
green tomatoes 
potatoes - red and ozette fingerling
peppers - roasted and fresh - get em while you can!!!
winter squash - butternut, spaghetti, delicata, pie pumpkins, black futsu
sweet potatoes

image from Dishing up the Dirt



PRESCOTT FARMERS MARKET   - Saturdays 7:30 - noon.   Yavapai College Parking Lot. No Market Nov 2nd, Winter Market starts Nov 9th, 10 am - 1pm

FLAGSTAFF COMMUNITY MARKET - CLOSED until May of 2020 . Sundays 8:00 - Noon.  City Hall West Parking Lot

FARM STAND - Open daily at the farm, self serve, honor system directions HERE