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Live Update of the Prescott City Council October 8, 2019

08 October 2019  

Learn more about the Fire Department


Agenda Agenda Packet



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A. Fire Department National Accreditation Presentation.

Council Memo Printout

a. Prescott Fire Introduction to Accreditation PowerPoint

Only 5% of all fire departments are accredited. It's not about playing to what other departments do, it's focused on our department. Became a registered agency 24 months ago, as a first step to accreditation. This can help with the improved ISO ratings. The water system updating helped. 

The accreditation committee will be here on November 4.

This covers all risk, all programs under which they provide services. 

The City of Prescott has average response time of 7:30-8 minutes, conservatively it's closer to 10 minutes or more. The EMS side is the concern regarding time.

Right now, there are 2 options, respond with lights & siren or not.

Sprinklers save lives. 

"If we can't add a location for deployment, the best solution is to have more staffing at locations."

Chief Light says he wants very profitable business practices.

Blair asks if one more firefighter per shift would help.

Out of 10 calls, about 61% are medical.

Some other agencies are using low acuity vehicles and more staffing just for the low acuity calls.

Lamerson asks what exactly they need to improve. 

1 more fire engine and 1 low acuity unit. 

This would require hiring of 15 FTE (full time equivalent) employees. Chief Light recognizes that this is from the "unicorns and rainbows" thought.

See the full powerpoint here from Chief Light's presentation.

B. Update on Neighborhood Services.

3 community cleanups in the last year.

100 volunteers, over 25 tons of trash.

Another one will take place on November 2 from 10-2.

New newsbins have been installed.

Everyone asking for bin space has been accommodated.

Initiative on SidewalkCare

  • Raise awareness
  • Promote personal care and commitment.
  • Public outreach with utility bill inserts
  • Information targeted to business owners
  • Website and Social media
  • Radio PSA
  • Include sidewalk cleaning.

Bialr notes that he doesn't like the ordinance. He thinks it's unfair to property owners. And he also thinks the property ordinance will be ignored.

"I think it's the responsibility of the city to keep their thoroughfairs clean and safe," Blair says.

Phil Goode thinks that if the ordinance is enacted, it needs to be enforced.

Lamerson notes that the City needs to take care of their sidewalks, too.



Council Memo Printout



Agenda Agenda Packet




Pastor Jesse Burke with Sanctuary Covenant Church


Councilman Lamerson


A. Roll Call


A. Domestic Violence Awareness Month October 2019

Read by Councilwoman Alexa Scholl

B. Colonial Heritage Month October 2019

Read by Councilman Steve Blair


A. Friends of Jersey Lilly - Courthouse Lighting Fundraiser

Councilman Steve Blair donated first, as other Councilmembers also donated. 

The Live Auction will be on Thursday, November 7.

B. Citizens Academy 4th Class

Presented by Councilwoman Billie Orr and Tyler Goodman.

Next class starts January 9, 11 spaces left. 

23 people received diplomas.


A. Approval of Minutes for the September 24, 2019 Special Meeting/Executive Session, the September 24, 2019 Study Session and the September 24, 2019 Voting Meeting.

Council Memo Printout

a. September 24, 2019 Special Meeting

b. September 24, 2019 Study Session

c. September 24, 2019 Voting Meeting

B. Approval of the 2020 Council Meeting Calendar.

Council Memo Printout

a. 2020 Council Calendar

C. Adoption of Resolution 2019-1720, Approving a Sewer Service Reimbursement Agreement, District #93, for the Old Kettle Dr. Sewer Reimbursement District.

Council Memo Printout

a. Resolution No. 2019-1720

D. Approval of City Contract No. 2020-074 with Desert Mountain Corporation for Supply and Delivery of Solid De-Icer Materials, in an Amount not to Exceed $50,000.00. Funding is available in the Streets Fund.

Council Memo Printout

a. Yavapai County Contract

E. Approval for the Purchase of one (1) Greensmaster 3150-Q Mower in an Amount not to Exceed $35,417.53, and One (1) Workman HDX-4WD in the Amount of $32,017.26 (City Contract No. 2020-072). Funding is Available in the Golf Course Maintenance Fund.

Council Memo Printout

a. Toro Warranty Statement

b. Greensmaster 3150-Q

c. Workman HDX

Item 8C has been pulled by Councilman Phil Goode. 

All other items passed unanimously. 

Councilman Phil Goode asks about the details on this.

The City has not lead or promoted this development, but individual property owners purchased a large parcel but it will create a sewer district. Individual property owners have purchased property and have put forward the money to extend the sewer. They got a permit and designed it to City standards, and paid for the entire process. This prevents septic systems near Willow Creek, and the City gets the recharge. 

Motion passes 6-1, Councilman Phil Goode in opposition.


A. Adoption of Ordinance No. 2019-1692 authorizing the Purchase and Acceptance of a Public Sewer Easement and Real Property, from James 110 Investment LLC.

Council Memo Printout

a. Ordinance No. 2019-1692

b. Vicinity Map

B. Adoption of Ordinance No. 2019-1691 for Acceptance of a Division Street Quitclaim Deed from Yavapai County.

Council Memo Printout

a. Ordinance No. 2019-1691

b. 2019 Recorded Quitclaim Deed (Division Street)

Passes 7-0.



1. Public Hearing and Consideration for a new Series 19 Remote Tasting Room liquor license from Richard Edwin Skladzien, applicant, for Del Rio Springs Vineyard; Location: 220 W. Goodwin Street, Suite #2.

Council Memo Printout


b. R19-1-702

Applying for a Tasting Room license in the Old Firehouse.

Passes 7-0

2. Public Hearing and Consideration for an Owner Transfer Liquor License Application for a Series 6 Bar Liquor License from Amy S. Nations, applicant, for The Point Bar & Lounge; Location: 114 N Montezuma Street.

Council Memo Printout


b. R19-1-702

Passes 7-0

3. Consideration for a Permanent Extension of Premises Liquor License Application for a Series 7 Beer & Wine Bar Liquor License from Nikhil Patel, applicant, for Hotel Vendome; Location: 230 S Cortez St.

Council Memo Printout


b. R19-1-702

In the old Cuppers location with an outdoor patio.

Passes 7-0


A. Adoption of Ordinance No. 2019-1690 Approving the Sale and Execution and Delivery of a Pledge Revenue Refunding Obligation, Series 2019, and Declaring an Emergency.

Council Memo Printout

a. Ordinance 2019-1690

b. Other Bond Documents

Bonded Debt: $125,104,118

The City's debt position is $25,100,670

They aren't extending the terms, Councilman Goode notes.

Passes 7-0.

B. Approval of the Proposed Settlement in Hidden Heights v. City of Prescott (Contract No. 2020-081).

Council Memo Printout

a. Hidden Heights Settlement Agreement

Off Iron Springs Road, outside of City limits.

Considered a "walkaway" where everyone pays own costs. 

The City will provide water services and sewer.

37 units. 6.3 A/Feet annually.

Passes unanimously.

C. Award of City Contract No. 2020-057 to Fann Contracting, Inc. for Construction of the Airport Trunk Main Phase 2B Project in an Amount not to Exceed $10,130,181.00 and Award of City Contract No. 2020-056 to Lyon Engineering in an Amount not to Exceed $395,195.00 for Post Design and Engineering Services for the Airport Trunk Main 2B Project and Approval of night work.

Council Memo Printout

a. Attachment A - Airport 2B Vicinity Map

b. Attachment B - Airport 2B Post Design Scope and Fee

They will put a culver under 89A without interrupting traffic. 72" casing. "Very significant, very intricate, doing it right."

Designed to last all of our lifetimes, and probably over 100 years.

Passes unanimously. 

D. Approve Amendment No. 1 to City Contract No. 2018-201 (City Contract No. 2018-201A1) to Fann Environmental, LLC, for Phase 2 Design of the Airport Production Well No. 5 Design-Build Project, in the Amount of $211,083.00. Funding is Available in the Water Fund.

Council Memo Printout

a. Airport Well No. 5 Location Map

b. Airport Well #5 Final Scope and Fee Proposal

New production well in airport zone.

3rd well site, will be largest producing well.

Passes unanimously.

E. Approval of City Contract No. 2020-064 with Civiltec Engineering, Inc., for Design and Other Engineering Services for the Public Safety Drill Grounds Drainage and Utilities Improvements Study, in the amount of $97,784.00. Funding is Available in the General Fund.

Council Memo Printout

a. Civiltec Engineering, Inc. Proposal

b. Drill Grounds Vicinity Map

Motion passes unanimously.


F. Award of City Contract No. 2020-075 to BuiltRite Manufacturing for the Purchase, Delivery and Installation of a Replacement Boom Crane for the Transfer Station in a Total Amount not to Exceed $322,848.50. Funding is available in the Solid Waste Fund.

Council Memo Printout

a. BuiltRite Bid Model 1300 Transfer Station Crane

Passes 7-0.

Quote: Paul Bear Bryant. "Show class, have pride, and display character. If you do, winning takes care of itself."





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